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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Gifts in 2022

by Louise W. Rice

Finding the perfect gift when there are tons of options can make you dizzy. Giftscoach selection will help you find the perfect gift for anyone n your list.

You’ve just checked top-rated & best-selling gift ideas for anyone on your list. All these presents are truly wanted. That’s statistically proven. See it yourself in the graph.

Or use giftscoach gift finder to specify your giftee (such as partner, parents, kids, pets, colleagues, or friends) or their interests. That’s a more personalized approach. 100% needed for your closest ones. Below you can find the guides to help you choose.

As for the budget, an average family spends up to $1000 (around $650 on Christmas gifts, $230 on decorations, and $117 on preparations.

How much to spend on each giftee? Depends on your relationship and the budget, of course. On average, it’s:

  • $100+ for a partner;
  • $90+ for kids or teens;
  • $75+ for parents;
  • $50+ for siblings, cousins, friends, and relatives;
  • $15–$25 for teachers, colleagues, employees, and the boss (if that’s a group gift, of course).

Christmas Gift Guide For Kids

I think shopping for kids is fun because they are easy to please. You can get them that toy they’ve been talking about and if you don’t have any ideas, get them Crayola Ultimate Light Board, Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Retro Toy, or a teddy bear.

The goal for kids seven months to a year is to keep them busy. If this relates to you, look no further than a ball pit. They’ll swim in there with no worries.

Since it’s Christmas, keep your kids entertained with short Christmas stories like the Gift of the Magi or the Polar Express.

Christmas Gift Guide For Teens

Teenagers are picky, so get something cool. If yours loves taking pictures, YouTubing and TikToking, get gifts around the niche like a KidiZoom Creator Cam. Teens use the device to create HD videos.

Don’t be worried your 13-year-old will upload videos to the cloud; they can only be transmitted to a computer through a USB connection.

A Nintendo Switch game box may be just the gift for your teen son. For teens that draw, a coloring book is a no because they’re grown now. Instead, get a professional 3D pen.

Christmas Gifts For Moms

Moms do family shopping, so choosing Christmas gifts for them will require creativity. How do you surprise her? Take the stress of cleaning off her shoulders with a RoboVac G20 Robot Vacuum. With the eufy Clean app, she can operate it from anywhere.

Since Mom just loves being in the kitchen during Christmas, get her good cookware like the Always Pan so Christmas dinner comes out perfectly.

Christmas Gift Guide For Dads

It’s Christmas, and Dad will make some barbecue. He may have a grill but not an indoor one. Get him a smokeless indoor grill and pair it with an automatic grill-cleaning robot. Barbecue is delicious, but Dads may not like the idea of cleaning the grill.

If your Dad is a wine guy, buy him an electric wine bottle opener set or a Whiskey globe decanter. He might even brag about it to his friends.

If your dad is a smoker, you can think of surprising him with a real Cuban cigar. Before buying it, there are a few things you should consider. First, it’s important to choose the right cigar. Pay attention to your dad’s taste and smoking experience, and try to find something matching. Second, be sure to study cigar storage basics to store the cigars properly before giving them as a gift. Cigars need to be kept in a cool, dry place to stay fresh, so a humidor is always a good option. Finally, don’t forget the basics of cigar etiquette – present the cigar to your dad with both hands and ask whether he wants you to light it or whether he will do it himself. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your dad enjoys his cigars – and your gift – to the fullest.

Christmas Gifts For Friends

For friends, you want to create new memories or remind them of old ones. You can convert your best photos into thoughtful Christmas presents for your friends by making personalized pillows and blankets with your most treasured memories.

If you were thinking of engraved jewelry already, you’re more ready for Christmas than most of us. For guys, a gadget like a headset always works.

Giftscoach’s gift finder covered everyone on your list. Christmas will be so memorable now.

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