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5 Creative Activities The Whole Family Can Enjoy

by Louise W. Rice

One of the most exciting ways to have fun with the entire family is to get creative. For example, you can make rocks into silly works of art, go treasure hunting outside, have an indoor or outdoor picnic, or try something else out. Plus, you can avoid boredom and negativity by encouraging everyone to get up and do something on a regular basis. Consider getting the whole family to join in on doing these creative family activities.

Color in Coloring Books

You can either use coloring books for kids or download online coloring pages. You can find a large variety of books with cartoons and designs for everyone to get involved in. Whether you want the pictures you color to be magical, cute, realistic, educational, or just plain wacky, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for. Make sure each person has enough crayons and their own page to color.

Another idea is to create your own coloring pages. You can begin by drawing any picture you like. This may be a favorite animal, a superhero you admire, or an object found in nature. After this, color it in with crayons. Remember to take your time so you can take pleasure in every stroke of the crayon.

Play a Boardgame

Boardgames are highly entertaining for the challenge they present amongst the group. Some examples are Battleship, Connect Four, Checkers, Trouble, Mouse Trap and more. Word nerds can rejoice over games like Scrabble, while children often have a special fondness for Candy Land. Those with a preference for riches and business will likely adore Monopoly. And, if you’re a detective, you might want to suggest Clue. Have tons of fun exercising your brains with these amusing family activities.

Do a Custom Photo Puzzle

You can easily create your own custom photo puzzle for everyone to piece together. Simply choose any photos you like and add as many as you want. For instance, you might want to incorporate one of the family dogs, a new baby or even everyone in the family. You can ask your loved ones to give you ideas on which ones to pick. The colors are vivid and can make your images pop. Have the best time ever putting it together in the morning when you wake up, before bedtime or any time in between.

Furthermore, puzzles can make great holiday gifts. In fact, you have the chance to preserve your memories and remember them every time you do your puzzle. If you want to keep your puzzle together, you might want to buy some puzzle glue. When it’s ready, try hanging the finished product on a wall for all to see.

Draw or Paint

Doing family activities at home such as drawing or painting can be a fabulous way to entertain yourselves. In fact, one of the benefits of creativity is being able to enter your happy zone. Being a professional artist isn’t a requirement for creating unique works of art. Just go with your own flow and express yourself artistically. You can try to replicate the Mona Lisa, draw original cartoon characters or paint each other’s portraits. Additionally, consider heading outdoors to draw with colorful sidewalk chalk, or search for leaves or flowers to incorporate into your artwork.

Make Creature Crafts

Making crafts can be easy and allow you to use your imaginations. For one, try making a silly creature craft. You can make a dinosaur, woodland animal, monster, alien or any creature you can imagine up. For starters, to make a simple unicorn face craft, you can cut a face and horn out of paper. Secondly, try cutting out thin strips of paper for rainbow colored hair. Glue the pieces together and let the magic come alive. For the final touch, grab a marker and draw the eyes, nose, eyebrows and mouth. You can make the facial expression humorous, sad and tearful, angry, surprised or whatever you want it to be.

If you don’t feel like going anywhere, you can do plenty of creative family activities at home. After all, spending time with loved ones should be full of joy and laughter. Besides this, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting along with those you care about. These entertaining activities can also help everyone be positive and gain stronger bonds.

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