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7 Tips For Building Your Own Clothing Brand

by Louise W. Rice

New clothing brands are emerging on a daily basis. The brands that do best are the ones that quickly find their niche and aren’t afraid to show the world that are prepared to be truly different. Launching a brand-new brand means that you will be able to fully exhibit your ideas, while enjoying an audience that appreciates your creative approach and tenacity. Here are six tips you should use to build your own clothing brand and ultimately see it take off.

1. Do Everything You Can to Stand Out

Your clothing brand is new and you are trying to get noticed. The first thing you should know is that your designs can’t be like anything else that is currently being sold. Your clothing brand has to stand out, but it also needs to be noticed for the things that you have done well. Standing out in fashion doesn’t mean that your clothing has to be funky, eclectic, couture, or avant-garde; there just needs to be that special and interesting element that makes fashion lovers take notice.

2. Make Your Brand’s Quirks Its Highlights

Those who get into fashion and create their own clothing brands soon learn that anything and everything can go left during the production process. The buttons you ordered for the line of button-up shirts you are manufacturing might end up being oversized as a result of a snafu.

Maybe you went to dip-dye a brand-new line of jeans, and the pattern didn’t come out correctly. Stop before you throw everything out and start afresh. These supposed quirks or mistakes might be your brand’s quirky flair that attracts consumers.

3. Wear Your Own Fashions

At the very start, the best opportunity you have for getting noticed is to have your fashions featured. You may not be getting full-page spreads in Vogue magazine yet, but you can still get a lot of attention when you go out for coffee. So, toss your hair, put on some garments from your fashion brand, and be a walking billboard. The next time you are paid a compliment on your outfit, casually mention that you made it yourself, and have your business card ready in hand.

4. Be as Diverse as Your Buyers

To make it in the fashion world, your brand has to demonstrate and show that it can evolve and change season after season. Whether you have a strict color palette or design fashions inspired by different cultures, there has to be an element of diversity.

What you design today should be completely unique from what you put out in five years, but there should also be a signature and fluid style that becomes more developed as your brand gets better known. Putting out a new line of clothes that is completely different than the last is the best way to show your buyers that you are diverse and always forward-thinking.

5. Ensure Your Clothing Is Professionally Pictured

A fashion brand can be gritty, tailored, simple and sweet, or totally out-there. Regardless of the design and style, a clothing brand must always be depicted professionally. Mannequins are used mostly in retail, but they are also regularly used in photographs on websites and in print. Be sure that your fashions are pictured in a professional manner, with the best lighting, clearest focus, styled on high-quality mannequins.

6. Learn from Constructive Criticism as Necessary

You might spend months working on a new collection that you are sure is going to wow both critics and your consumers. You may also get pushback from the models who will be wearing your new fashions or read a not so complimentary article from a fashion critic about your work.

Taking aside any unhelpful comments, constructive criticism does help fashion brand creators to get better. You won’t enjoy hearing it, but afterward, it is important that you take all constructive comments into account and work on your next project with them in mind.

7. Be a Leader

Although you will be the head of your clothing brand, you will be working with an endless array of professionals to help get you to the top. Present yourself as a leader capable of giving direction and be an ambassador for your brand. When things get shaky, all of your subordinates will need you to be a strong and capable leading figure. At the end of each fashion show, you will walk the catwalk and show the industry that you can lead a successful clothing brand.

A new clothing brand can emerge with just a few pieces and a basic website. Your clothing brand might also launch after you develop an entire business plan, get outside funding, and debut with a large-scale fashion show. The choice is wholly yours, but the direction that your brand goes in depends on how quickly you learn the industry. Find out why the newest brands are gaining popularity and you’ll be on the right track for gaining your own nuanced audience of loyal shoppers.

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