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5 Shopping Tips When You Need to Refresh Your Bra Collection

by Louise W. Rice

Choosing a bra in the morning shouldn’t make you feel meh. You should feel excited and empowered by your intimates. When you look through your bra collection, and all you can find are reasons you don’t want to wear any of them, it’s time to refresh.

We all know the process of buying new bras can feel a bit challenging. It’s almost like finding your soulmate, but a little less dramatic. And because everyone’s body is different, everyone’s experience finding the perfect bra is unique, too. It’s not just about finding your size (though, that is definitely important). It’s about finding bras that support you and make you feel confident.

Know Your Silhouettes

If you’ve been wearing the same bra silhouette for a while, you might be stuck in a style rut. While it’s terrific to find a bra style you know you love, it never hurts to explore other design options. Different bra designs support you in different ways, and some silhouettes work better than others with different outfits. Learning about classic bra styles—from a demi bra to a balconette bra—and how they can support you is one of the first steps to refreshing your bra collection with intimates you love to wear.


A balconette bra typically has a straight neckline and wide-set straps that help support your breasts in a flattering way. This popular style can still provide coverage, or you can pare it down with a sleek, sheer mesh fabric to show off your curves. The low neckline makes it excellent for just about any outfit you’re creating, from a cute summer top to a bold fashion statement.

Demi Bra

So many people ask, “What is a demi bra?” when they first hear about this style. Demi bras are the perfect full coverage bras for casual everyday wear. They can provide support for all breast shapes and sizes. Plus, the best demi bras can provide full coverage without extra padding. Demi bras are crafted with a classic and timeless silhouette that disappears under your t-shirts and blouses to offer all-day comfort and coverage.

Plunge Bras

Break out your plunging necklines! If you don’t have a plunge bra in your bra collection, take this as a sign to get one. You can look fabulous and find the support you need while wearing your favorite plunging neckline outfits. Functionality and sensuality come together seamlessly in this bra design. Look for a pared-down silhouette with a minimal design that still has a supportive underwire. This bra can pair perfectly with an open button-down, cardigan, or a piece of formal wear with a plunging neckline.

plunge bras


The neckline of this bra is described perfectly by its name. This dynamic silhouette boasts all-day comfort and support. It curves and molds to you to accentuate your shape, while the scooping neckline works perfectly with low-cut tops. You can wear it all day long with your favorite scoop-neck tops, or you can lounge around at home in just your scoop bra and a pair of high waist underwear while you do chores and relax. No matter what you have planned, a scoop bra design helps you feel comfortable and supported.

Look at Where Your Old Bras Fell Short

When it’s all said and done, you can still find some use for the bras that you no longer feel excited about. Before you move on and start your new bra journey, take a minute to try them all on and figure out exactly why you don’t want to wear them anymore. Whether it’s finicky straps or an underwire that pokes you, you can learn a lot about your top priorities for your new bras by looking at areas where your old bras fell short.

It can help you look for new innovations in bra designs. This gives you the opportunity to test out styles you might not have thought of before. For example, if your old bras had an uncomfortable fit, but you don’t want to give up the support of an underwire, you can look for innovative design features, like a flexible underwire that moves with your body.

Make Sure You Know Your Size

If you’re looking for new bras without knowing your true size, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Even a slight difference, like the difference between 32C and 30C bras, can be enough to make your bra fit uncomfortably. But even if you don’t have time to go out for a bra fitting and prefer to shop online, you can still find your perfect size from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the best bra brands provide you with an online sizing quiz that asks about your current bra, helps you take measurements, and uses the results to calculate your size. Seriously, one of the only ways you’ll be able to tell which bras are perfect for you is by making sure you’re shopping for the correct size.

Only Shop for Bras Made with the Highest Quality Materials

Save yourself some trouble and look closely at the materials your potential new bras are made from. If you’re shopping online and the brand doesn’t disclose the fabrics and materials they use, that’s a good sign to steer clear.

Some of the best fabrics you can look for are sheer power mesh that almost feels like there’s nothing there, luxe microfiber that feels soft and silky on your skin all day long, and 3D spacer fabric that molds to your shape and helps accentuate everything you love about your body. Whether you’re shopping for a balconette bra, a comfortable demi, or anything else, you should never have to compromise on the quality of the materials.

Get More Than One Bra

Finding bras that you love to wear is a special thing. When you find the perfect bras to refresh your intimates collection, make sure to buy more than one. Bras tend to wear out faster when you wear them every day, so it’s always a good idea to have a steady rotation of bras you love to wear.

That way, you can change it up based on your day-to-day routine. You can choose the right bra to match your outfit best, and it’s a great way to help each bra last longer. With these five simple tips, you can find your perfect bras to make sure you always love the way you look and feel in your intimates.

get more than one bra

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