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All About Professional Poker Player Phil Ivey

by Louise W. Rice

Poker is a serious game, but it’s true that there aren’t too many world-famous poker players. But Phil Ivey is most definitely one of them. Indeed, he’s probably the most recognizable player in the world; he’s certainly one of the best. A native of California, the 45-year-old has been a professional poker player for more than twenty years and has achieved just about everything there is to achieve in the game. Most people dip their toes in the poker waters with an online casino bonus, but not Phil Ivey. He did things a little differently.

On this page, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Phil Ivey, including information about his early career, his successes, his media appearances, and his all-time earnings.

Strong Beginnings

A natural from the beginning, he was playing tables in Atlantic City as soon as he was twenty-one. And it wasn’t long before he developed a name for himself, especially in Las Vegas, where he’s a regular at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Building a Legacy

Ivey picked up a bracelet at his first World Series of Poker event back in 2000. Two years later, he won three WSOP bracelets. Today, he has ten WSOP bracelets — a record. He’s done exceptionally well at tournaments that take place away from Vegas, too. For instance, he picked up a check worth a cool $2 million at an Aussie Millions event. 

His exploits in the poker world meant that, in 2017, he was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. It was never in doubt that he’d end up in the Hall of Fame one day. But that his induction occurred in 2017 was impressive; since you have to be forty to enter the Hall of Fame, this was the first year that Ivey was eligible.

Media Appearances

Ivey’s status prompted media interest. He appeared on the television series ‘Poker After Dark’ during five of the show’s seven seasons and also appeared in two Chrysler commercials in 2015.

All-Time Earnings

It’s hard to say exactly how much Phil Ivey has won playing poker, but needless to say, it’s a small fortune. In tournaments alone, he’s won around $30 million. And then there’s the money that he’s won in cash games, which is likely to be even more than his tournament victories. It’s reasonable to assume he’s won more than $100 million from poker alone. 

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