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Out of The Box Ideas For Your Destination Wedding

by Louise W. Rice

If getting married in an exotic location has been your dream, you should opt for a destination wedding. It may sound complicated; however, it doesn’t have to be that way if executed properly.

In addition, the location can set the tone for your wedding day and offer a fresh perspective on what is usually a very traditional celebration. You can choose a fairy tale wedding or a sports-themed wedding that involves sports betting on the game happening on your wedding day. Here are some out-of-the-box destination wedding destination ideas.

Football-Themed Wedding

football themed wedding

If your family consists of football fanatics, turn this passion into an unforgettable experience on your wedding day by choosing a sports-themed wedding celebration. You may be lucky enough to rent out a football ground for your reception; however, if that is not possible, you can recreate the theme by requesting your wedding planners to take the lead.

Everything from your maid of honor outfits to the best man’s clothing and even the cake can be based on this theme.

Cruise Wedding

Plan a destination wedding at sea and make the best of your big day with all the nautical essence around you. Everyone will cherish this unforgettable experience. Here are some tips to help you plan this wedding theme.

When searching for a vessel, remember that it should have good insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature inside during cold and hot seasons. Most modern yachts come with air conditioners which can be convenient if you want your celebration indoors.

If you can charter your dream yacht, try not to mess with the wedding arrangements. The captain can help you coordinate the service onboard and help the party run smoothly.

Be creative when decorating the vessel. You can come up with original ideas for the big event. Think of nautical motifs such as anchors, ropes, or even fish-themed crockery. Add small personal touches that reflect the couple’s interests.

Vineyard Wedding

If you love vineyards, choose a date between summer and fall for your big day. This is because grapes would have been harvested during this time, and the weather would not be too hot or cold. If you don’t want to have a formal-themed wedding, a vineyard is perfect for your wedding where everyone will enjoy good wine and music. Check out the top McLaren Vale wineries where you can hold your wedding as well as your reception.

Royal Wedding

If you want to take your wedding celebration to the next level, celebrating it in a castle is just what you need. Most castles rent out their estate for such celebrations, leaving a lasting impression on the guests.

Beach Wedding

beach wedding

There is something romantic and beautiful about an outdoor wedding along a beach. If you want to host a destination wedding that will be magical, then a beach wedding is one of the most memorable themes.

Carnival Wedding

Another excellent option for those who want to host a fun and colorful wedding at an exotic location is a carnival-themed wedding. This can be anything from an outdoor carnival reception to an indoor masquerade party – where people can dance the night away wearing masks and grooving to fantastic music. There are endless options for planning such weddings, so do not limit yourself because this day needs to be unique.

There are lots of unique ideas surrounding dream weddings and receptions.  Pick something that makes you and your partner happy. This is one celebration that comes around once in a lifetime. So look for something you will remember for the rest of your life. Take time to discuss the destination, the theme, and every little detail, so it’s executed perfectly.

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