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Opting for a Green Diamond Wedding Ring – What Should Know?

by Louise W. Rice

The natural radiation deep inside Earth leads to green diamonds’ color. Diamonds formed billions of years ago exposed to radioactive minerals like uranium have a green color. 

What are green diamonds? The scientific reason for diamonds becoming green is radiation knocking a few carbon atoms out of the diamond crystals. It leads to the creation of color centers as they absorb blue and red light till only green remains.

Artificially, the creation of green diamonds happens by exposing white diamonds to radiation in a nuclear reactor. However, you should note that these diamonds do not have any radiation transmitting ability.

The jewelers need to be cautious while handling the green diamonds as friction can generate heat. It, in turn, can excite the carbon atoms leading to destabilization. You will need to get a Gemological Institute of America or GIA’s color report to confirm that it is natural when you buy green diamonds.

The History and Its Meaning

The largest known green diamond on display is the Dresden Green weighing 41 carats. It is 200 years old, and the first mention of this diamond was in 1722 in a London newspaper.

The King of Poland purchased it in 1742 and put it in the elaborate diamond ornament hat in 1768. Apart from this stone’s rich lineage, it has green color throughout the body and not just the surface.

Green diamonds represent vitality and fertility. They symbolize a new beginning as green is the color of the spring. 

Judging Its Quality

The color intensity or saturation of green diamonds is the most critical factor. The GIA color grading scale grades the green diamonds as light, very light, and faint. They range from such grades to fancy ones. The fancy colors have grading on the scale as fancy vivid, fancy intense, fancy, and fancy light.

Diamonds with solid color saturation but dissimilar to fancy vivid green or fancy intense green are fancy dark or fancy deep. You will see our price jump per carat from fancy light to fancy color grades. 

There are secondary colors in green diamonds, including gray, yellow, or blue. According to the GIA, the color name becomes an adjective when secondary and a noun when primary or apparent. So, a yellowish-green colored diamond is a diamond with green as the primary color with a yellow tint. You can refer to the below quality checklist for a green diamond:

  • Colour origin
  • Colour grade
  • Clarity grade
  • Symmetry
  • Polish
  • Fluorescence

Difference With Emeralds

Many people who love green diamonds can not have them because of their high price. Most such aspirants go for emeralds. These stones are affordable vis-à-vis fancy colored diamonds. They are rare and beautiful too and hence have a specific appeal. 

There are various green shades available, from pastel to more intense, resembling the look of fancy green diamonds. You will be able to get something that would fetch a million-dollar pricetag in fancy green diamonds. An emerald engagement ring can help make your dream more accessible.

Alternatively, you can also opt for green tourmaline, tsavorite garnet, and demantoid garnet. These stones are also popular like green gemstones and are affordable and have higher bioavailability than green diamonds.

Best Ring Styles to Opt For

The style of engagement ring that you opt for can help decide the look of your green diamond. Your green diamond can look more or less intense based on your selection.

You have the option to make your green diamond look more saturated if it is fancy light green or light green. Achieving this feat is possible using a rose gold bezel or rose gold prongs to surround the diamond. If possible, you can go for an entire basket of rose gold. You can then have bright white diamonds in platinum or white gold to accompany this design. 

You can create a contrast effect with a halo green diamond in a halo engagement ring. Adding contrast is also possible by opting for white diamonds as side stones with a green diamond at the center. Such an arrangement helps enhance the colors and make the diamond look richer.

So, if you love green diamonds and you find affordability to be a concern, you can go for a green diamond halo or an elegant crown ring. It will help you have the romance of the green diamond yet not burn a hole in your pocket. Having a central diamond can be very enticing but may not be possible.

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