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How to Choose a Cocktail Dress to Look Astonishing

by Louise W. Rice

Be it a business party or a wedding night, cocktail dresses will always be a women’s best friend. The classic black body-hugging dress is the sleek cocktail attire we all know of. However, in this fashionable world, there is no definite trend that vouches for that being the only option. If you are to attend a wedding but with a small budget, you can check out for hire dresses for wedding guests online.

Today, these semi-formal outfits come in different shapes and designs. It can be short or long with an A-line pattern to tea-length flounces- the alternatives are abundant.

If you are facing trouble deciding what suits you the best, don’t let overthinking swallow all that glamour. Here we bring to you some of the best fashion tips to choose the perfect cocktail dress that complements your face and body in just the right way and gives you that chic outlook.

Know Your Body Type

Stop wondering about the design and details of your dress just yet, and focus on the structure. The first essential step to picking the perfect cocktail attire is to know your body type. Your dress should complement your body and flatter those neat features and curves, so pick the silhouette according to your figure.

1. Pear Shape

For a pear-shaped or hourglass figure, always focus on flaunting your shoulders and chest. Since this type of body has a fuller lower body and slimmer upper body, essential any style would look upright. However, some specifics such as halter necks, dresses with deep necklines, or strapless attire are the best resorts. It will balance out the proportions and properly cajole your figure.

2. Rectangular Shape

If you have a rectangular body shape where the emphatic curves are not very visible, opt for dresses with frills and ruffles. One of the best options is the asymmetrical dress with off-center embellishments. They are illusionary and provide an elegant and feminine touch to your figure. I highly recommend choosing a Bellabarnett cocktail dress since they are designed to fit consistently to your curves and make you look spectacular.

3. Inverted Triangle Body

For an inverted triangle body in which the upper body is more robust with slender hips and legs, the best choice is the one with a flowy pattern down the waistline. A-line or tea-length flowy dresses with rich details or embellishments will add volume to your hip area and draw away attention from your broad shoulder structure.

4. Diamond Shaped Body

For a diamond or apple-shaped body, where your midsection is healthier than the rest, pick a dress with flares. That will instantly add confidence in you and bring a more put-together and fuller look to your body.

Don’t Underestimate the Color

Now that you know which type of dress to choose for your body, the next important step is to select the right color. It is not only the design or the pattern that makes a cocktail attire whole.

If you want to sway the party, you also have to determine the color that suits your skin tone and satisfies the ambiance. If you have a warm undertone, warmer shades like beige, maroon, or classic black are recommended, and for someone with a cool undertone, pick pale colors like pink, yellow, or any pastels. Choose the Cicinia blushing pink dress if you wish to look gorgeous at the wedding.

Moreover, make sure that your outfit is not too sunshiny or dull for the event. If it is a party, go for more luminous or flashier colors, and for business events, go for more subtle and mild colors.

Accessories are Your Savior

Never ignore the importance of accessories. Be it any cocktail attire, long, short, bright, or pale, simple stud accessories can make all the difference in just a snap of your finger. If you are going for wedding photography, accessories can be your attention grabber. For a simple solid dress, go for loud and vibrant jewelry. For a glitzy outfit, go for minimal pieces. They are not just an add-on but more of a fragment of your outfit. Wear the necessary pieces and slay your cocktail night with that stunning outfit.

Now you know that the key to finding the perfect dress is to find elements that reflect your personality and fashion sense. Not to mention, always choose something that gives you confidence with a touch of elegance.

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