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Can Single Women Wear Diamond Rings? Your Guide to Cocktail Rings

by Louise W. Rice

Can single women wear diamond rings? The short answer is “yes.”

Of course, there is a longer answer.

Tradition dictates that you wear a different kind of ring before you find your soulmate and finally decide to seal your commitment with lab-grown diamond wedding bands and vows forever.

So, while you continue to rave about the perfect engagement ring, you can consider wearing something on your finger to celebrate your current civil status while staying true to your look. This is where cocktail rings come to play.

Here, you’ll learn the answer to your most important questions about cocktail rings to help you choose the best one for yourself.

What is a cocktail ring?

Cocktail rings first emerged during the 1920s, when women didn’t have the same rights and privileges they enjoy today. At the time, well-off ladies used such rings to show how self-reliant they were.

Because of this, the cocktail ring became a well-known symbol of independence.

Since it is meant to show that a woman is capable of taking care of herself, cocktail rings are often big and striking. Often, they are made of boldly arranged diamonds of various sizes (usually an oversized center stone or several smaller ones) set on a gold band.

It is a kind of ring that makes it ideal for wearing during cocktail parties, which is how it got its name.

What should you look for in a cocktail ring?

Because of the size and number of gemstones set on them, cocktail rings can be considered more valuable than regular bands.

Of course, the number and size of the gems aren’t the only factors to consider. You also need to think about:

1. The setting material

Compared to engagement rings, settings used for cocktail rings come in a wider range of materials.

Besides the usual gold (yellow, white, or rose), titanium has become a popular choice for making this fine jewelry. Aside from its durability and lightweight, this metal is preferred because it can hold statement designs well, making the cocktail ring a kind of wearable art.

The only downside is its malleability, making it challenging to shape, mold, or resize. It also only comes in limited colors when anodized.

Ceramic is another cocktail ring setting that has become trendy during recent years. Basically, the ceramic compound is colored, coated, and applied to a precious metal base that adds vibrance to the ring. Another good material is gold plated jewelry, it offers a budget-friendly option that gives you the look and style.

Some older metals like bronze and copper are also worth considering if you’re into that rusty, archaic finish they naturally have.

2. Cost

Because it involves the setting of several gems, cocktail rings are usually made with inexpensive materials, like low-carat gold (10k to 14k). In some cases, the setting is made of plated alloy or metal to enhance its appearance while maintaining a lower cost.

Since the gems in these rings are usually quite big, diamonds and other precious stones may also be replaced with imitations or synthetic material.

However, you can still choose to get a more valuable cocktail ring for a decent price by balancing the 4Cs of diamonds and matching them with affordable-but-purer metal bands. You can use online ring builders to get a good idea of the diamond carat, cut, clarity, and color that works best for your cocktail ring design.

According to expert jewelers, it would be better to have one excellent cocktail ring than several average ones. In other words, you should choose the best one you can afford.

If it’s your first fine jewelry, you should think the design through to ensure it is one you love and suits all your requirements.

Spending a huge amount on an emerald cocktail ring would be a waste if you’re after a hard-wearing and neutral-toned piece for all-day wear. Aside from having the wrong color, the emerald set on the ring is also not the best choice for a longer wear time because of its weight.

3. Scale

Another thing you’ll need to consider is the ring scale. Since cocktail rings are large and striking by nature, they should be easily noticeable once put on your finger without looking somewhat awkward.

So, if you have thin fingers to go with your tiny hands, a conservatively sized ring could be a more comfortable choice compared to large, heavy ones that visually overwhelm the hand.

Alternatively, larger hands and fingers need chunkier gems to balance the proportions. If you use something too small, it may not look like a cocktail ring at all.

The bottom line is to consider how the ring – size, shape, and overall weight – will go with your hands before buying. When in doubt, it’s safest to go as big as you can.

4. Your personality

Before finalizing your cocktail ring purchase, make sure you consider your personality and lifestyle first.

Remember that the key is to think of what works for you – your hands and your fingers – alone. Unless you’re buying for someone else, this is all that matters in a statement cocktail ring.

How do you wear a cocktail ring?

Another important thing you need to learn about cocktail rings is how you should wear them.

Traditionally, the left ring finger is reserved for wedding bands and engagement rings, though this is no longer strictly observed. You’ll see many ladies wear rings on both their left and right fingers, though many still prefer to leave their left ring finger bare.

However, you must make sure that the ring matches the finger you choose to wear it on. Remember scale. Cocktail rings meant for your little fingers should be a lot smaller in size.

Of course, you can always buy a cocktail ring and place it on the finger where it looks best.

You can also mix and match this type of ring. Whilst wearing more than one cocktail ring may sound like overkill, proper coordination between designs, style, and colors should make it work.

Last, but certainly not the least important, is comfort. Make sure that there is a balance between beauty and comfort when you buy a cocktail ring. Never disregard if a ring is too large, too heavy, or too tight for comfort.

You should also make sure that you only choose materials that won’t trigger any allergic reactions. If your skin is sensitive, choose a ring made from authentic materials. Though it may have a slightly higher price tag, it is less likely to trigger irritation.

Put a Ring on It

Rings are jewelry that usually signifies something for its wearer.

While engagement rings forge a marriage promise and wedding bands symbolize your commitment to another, cocktail rings serve as symbols of independence and contentment.

If you choose to put a ring on it, decide based on the facts presented in this article to make the best choice for you.

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