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Fundamentals of Building a Minimalist Wardrobe for Men

by Louise W. Rice

Simple. Timeless, and transcending all passing fashions and trends. Effortlessly stylish.  Yes! All that and more, with the ultimate minimalist wardrobe for men.

Also referred to as the lean wardrobe, the idea of the minimalist wardrobe was conceived by Susie Faux, a boutique owner.  This was way back in the 1970s, but the minimalist wardrobe continues to be a popular pick for men of all ages. In the end, everyone’s looking to put together a minimum number of clothing items to create that well-rounded wardrobe suited for daily life and all events.

Whether you are choosing from the Celine collection, or you love some Palm Angels, you can put together the perfect minimalist wardrobe for men if you keep in mind the following

1. Quality

Build your minimalist wardrobe with longevity in mind, and you will only go for top-quality clothing items.  Top-shelf clothing will last for longer and you can go about recycling these clothes for a while until the next time you want to add to or overhaul your wardrobe.

In addition to longevity, also keep in mind the fact that you want to stay on top of that simple look, but with some finesse. Low-quality clothing will show, and it will do you a great disservice to go around recycling crappy and cheap-looking clothing.

2. Versatility

This here is a big deal when building a minimalist wardrobe. You want to pick your items depending on how well they go with several other items. For example, consider how well a blazer would go with a pair of jeans, as well as a pair of slacks for that formal, dressed-up look.

When buying an item for your wardrobe, try to picture how well it would work as part of several outfits. Go for an item that will fit right in as part of at least 3 outfits. The more outfits or looks the item can complete, the better.

3. Neutrality

Pick a palette for your minimalist wardrobe and stick to it. Indeed, you will want to avoid screaming colors.

You will do well to go heavy on neutral colors such as black, gray, brown, khaki, olive, and drab. These are also commonly referred to as men’s core colors.  It’s easy to put together a fine look with these neutral colors by mixing and matching them as they don’t overpower each other on an outfit. This is especially helpful for the gentleman who likes walking into a space and not attracting attention because of all the color combinations they have going on in their outfit.

4. Appropriateness

What do you do? What does your daily routine look like? Think of these crucial questions when putting together your minimalist look. It wouldn’t be appropriate for you to go for just sneakers for your footwear when you work a corporate job, for which a formal look is required every day of the week.

What you can do, instead, is ensure you are well equipped for your transitions. This means a few items for your week, and others for when you dress down for a night out, or the weekend. It the better if you can have some items that are suited for both scenarios. Something like a shirt you can button-down and a blazer you can keep on after work, as you step out with friends for a night out on the town.

Consider your Personal Style

You don’t have to start dressing entirely different from what you are already used to, just to pull off that minimalist look. Instead, build on your personal style.

Check out what items in your current wardrobe you would like to hold onto first. Check the colors and style you always find yourself gravitating towards, for both your work and social life. The next thing would be, then to add more of these items and reinforce that style and look you have going on for you.

It Is for You?

The minimalist wardrobe is perfect for any man. It really doesn’t matter how old you are, or your body build. Additionally, you can put together an awesome minimalist wardrobe for men on just any budget provided you stick to the fundamentals already highlighted when purchasing your clothing items.

So, yes! if you are wondering whether this lean wardrobe is for you, the answer is a resounding yes. As long as you are looking to have a versatile set of clothes that you can wear every day, then, by all means, go ahead and start building that minimalist wardrobe.

The Wrap Up

Have a good night routine, rest up in the night, dress up and show up. You may not have given it enough thought, but the truth is, how you dress up for your show-up can have a great impact. Build a minimalist wardrobe, and optimize your clothes for the perfect look for all occasions.

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