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Is Florida a Good Place to Find a Job and Have a Family?

by Louise W. Rice

The beautiful state of Florida has an abundance of beaches and small towns and communities, some historically linked and some almost completely newly built. The state boasts a gloriously enticing area for families, or couples planning their families, to move into.

Finding work and ensuring the family has just the right location in which to live are the highest up on the ‘to do’ list. Even when planning on a move to such a fantastic, energetic, and enticing state like Florida, these considerations for young families are no different.

Finding a Job in Florida

Florida is largely hailed as a great place to find a job. There is a demand for a workforce, which has continued to grow since the pandemic, although it is still lower than the pre-pandemic levels. One of the biggest highlights is that there is no requirement to pay state income tax in Florida, unlike many other states. This means that, with so much entertainment on offer and so many beaches to visit, more of your hard-earned cash will be available to spend on fun.

Florida’s minimum wage is low, not including tips, and is scheduled to grow to $15 per hour but not until 2026. This is a result of a voter-approved amendment. Some larger and more well-known businesses, such as Walt Disney World and Target, have already increased their minimum wage, and this is years ahead of the mandated changes.

While there are many available jobs, it is always important to note that, even in the sunny state of Florida, issues can still arise in the workplace. That is where expert help like Florida employment lawyers come in – ready at hand to help with any issues regarding harassment or discrimination. However, Florida is completely accepting of other cultures, and employment opportunities are in abundance.

Having a Family in Florida

For families who wish to embrace a warmer climate and reside in Florida’s pleasant surroundings, where there is so much entertainment on offer, Florida is a great place to start. There are so many small towns that have populations of less than 10,000 people, with great schools and high safety levels. The state offers an abundance of things to do and see, all year round, so children will be entertained without having to travel far.

8 Small Towns which are great for raising a family in Florida

Keystone Heights

A quiet small family town with great schools, a lower-than-average crime rate, and plenty of entertainment and things to do.


This is one of the oldest towns in Orange County and is located just twenty minutes from Orlando. It is a great town for nature lovers, boasts great schools and a low population.


With its great schools and lower-than-average crime rates, Nocatee is close to the beach and is marketed as one of Florida’s most up-and-coming towns. It is statistically one of the safest places to raise a family in the whole of Florida.


Built-in the 1990s, this relatively new town boasts great schools and a lower-than-average crime rate, making its cozy community a great place to settle, especially with Disney being just around the corner!


Found along the Gulf Coast, Nokomis is a great place to raise a family surrounded by beaches and shorelines. The town is also renowned for its great places to eat out and sits between Venice and Sarasota.

Belle Isle

Featuring two beautiful lakes, Belle Isle, Orange County, is a great choice for families wishing to relocate to Florida. With a lower-than-average crime rate and boasting great schools, it is also close to several family-friendly centers.

Melbourne Beach

This community sits right on the beautiful shores of the Atlantic and, while quiet, offers a great selection of restaurants, bars, and retail areas. Close to Melbourne, a larger city, it is still far enough away to enjoy the quiet life while still finding time to hike, swim, fish, and take a bike ride.

Mary Esther

Topping the list of places to raise a family in 2023, this quaint little town is located on the Gulf Coast. If your family loves the beach, there might not be a better place to settle while the town itself offers some great attractions Named after the daughter of the town’s first Post Master, the crime rate is far lower than average and schools are good.

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