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The 10 Best Nursing Homes in Sarasota County, FL for 2023

by Louise W. Rice

Choosing the right retirement home for your aging relative is not a choice to be taken lightly, especially as more and more cases of abuse rise to the surface. Finding the right home is of the utmost importance for your loved one and there are many to choose from in Sarasota.

1. Sarasota Bay Club

Sitting a very short walk from the downtown leisure, this bayfront community with valet parking and exquisite dining is a home to be taken seriously. The flats each house from one to three bedrooms, overlooking Sarasota Bay. There are three levels of purchase options for this luxurious location with a plethora of activities, from gardening to yoga, on offer to enhance the retirement years.

2. Sunnyside Village

Sunnyside Village is a Christian Senior Living Community that offers residential and assisted living as well as memory care, rehabilitation, and health care. The home cares compassionately for all ages of seniors who reside either through assisted living schemes in one-bedroom or studio apartments or live fully onsite in choices of villas, apartments, or duplex homes.

3. Sarasota Memorial Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre

Offering both fully residential or short-stay rehabilitation, this nursing home offers a home from home vibe. While not offering their own personal homes, this center offers the residents their own room with a private bath or shower room, within a communal living facility boasting 120 beds. There is round the clock nursing care available and a wide variety of programs and services, both medical and social, for the residents’ well-being.

4. Hawthorne Center for Rehabilitation of Sarasota

Offering both private and semi-private rooms, the Hawthorne Center caters to residents who require either long-term care or just a short-term rehabilitation stay. Facilities at the Center include a gym, hair and beauty care, parties, Zumba classes, and pizza and bingo nights to name just a selection.

5. NSPIRE Healthcare

Offered as an assisted living facility, NSPIRE Healthcare offers semi-private rooms where two residents share a room and a bathroom – so it is not quite as private as some facilities. There are fewer activities on offer but this facility is more dedicated to nursing care.

6. Glenridge on Palmer Ranch

Hailing itself as a life-fulfilling community, the beautiful campus of Glenridge takes retirement to a whole new level. There are so many activities on offer that residents are spoiled for choice. From an extensive library, and beautiful (and very grand) dining rooms to tennis courts and a swimming pool, this truly is a luxurious retirement home for your loved ones.

7. Pines of Sarasota

With its seventy private suites, each with its own bathroom and twenty-five rooms in its special care unit, Pines offers a fulfilling caring community with rehabilitation facilities to cater to every need. A welcoming and revitalizing courtyard is beautifully landscaped to offer a relaxing area for residents and visitors alike.

8. Bay Village of Sarasota

Offering a choice of studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, the facilities in each are second to none. With beautifully fitted-out kitchens, plenty of storage, parking for residents, and personal washers and dryers in most homes, this is an option not to be brushed aside. There are numerous activities to keep the community entertained, plus organized day trips and wellness activities catering to all requirements.

9. Kensington Manor

Providing long-stay care for residents needing a nursing facility for their disabilities, Kensington Manor provides all of its residents with their own (small) room. Each boasts its own small kitchen, despite the fact, there is a community dining area. There is a party room, a TV room, a library, a gym, and a spa to name but a few of the facilities.

10. Sarasota Point Rehabilitation Center

This friendly and caring nursing care provider offers large private and semi-private resident’s rooms which are home from home and set in a picturesque environment. Whether you need long-term care or a short stay of rehabilitation, there are therapies and lots of activities on offer. There is a fully-stocked library for the discerning reader and social areas for those who prefer a bit of company.


It is unpleasant to have to suggest there could possibly be a need for professional help if your loved one should suffer any form of abuse. Any dedicated Sarasota nursing home abuse attorney will be able to help should there be any issues resulting from your loved one’s care. These homes offer a residence for the elderly’s twilight years and one would hope for a safe and secure environment to enrich, and allow them to enjoy, their life which, for the most part, is what you can expect to happen.

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