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Everything You Need to Know The Best Tools for Upscale Images

by Louise W. Rice

When you capture an event, you probably want an image that can be viewed at any size. Simply zooming in on a photo will only give you pixels. That’s why special programs for photo scaling have been developed.

These applications are very easy to work with. You upload your photo, then choose the function you want, and the app will do it all by itself.

Before we start the list, let’s talk about the benefits of this function:

  • The ability to enlarge a photo without compromising its quality.
  • The simplicity of use of the software.
  • There are free versions of software to try out your possibilities.
  • This method is suitable for all styles of photos.
  • AI will do all the work for you.

The only difficulty in this situation is that there are a lot of these applications, but you can read about seven of the most interesting ones in this article.

1. Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo from Skylum is a powerful tool for both beginners and professionals. It is a perfect image upscaler. It contains single-tasking applications that automate useful editing tasks.

One of them is Upscale AI, an image scaling tool based on artificial intelligence technology that allows you to increase the resolution of an image up to 6 times while maintaining pixel detail and a natural look. The only small disadvantage is that the program is paid, but once you try it, you’ll understand that it is worth the money.

2. AnyMP4 Image Upscaler

This is an online tool with AI technology that will help you scale your photos. It has a very easy-to-use interface, so you will be easy to find the functions you need. It can magnify photos from 2x to 8x, but unfortunately, some of its features are limited. But the advantages are also the good detail of the objects in the photo. Also, a big plus is that it’s free and there is no watermark on the results, so you can experiment with your photos and put them where you want.

3. ImgLarger

This is the same handy online tool, which contains AI technology that allows you to enlarge the photo without harming the quality. In addition, it also contains various filters, it is possible to insert a frame or annotation, sharpen, and you can crop or rotate the photo if you want. And a huge plus of this app is that it’s free, but you have to create an account. And if that’s not a problem for you, try it and you won’t regret it.

4. Adobe Photoshop

How do we get around Adobe in an article about any kind of editing? It is a quality program, quite difficult for beginners, but not for regular users. In this program, you can do all kinds of editing, including magnification, filters, color changes, adding text, and detailing.

It is a multifunctional application, with just a few drawbacks. For example, the price or a large amount of memory. Also, if you want to use this program purely for zooming, you will have a hard time looking for the right function, as there are many of them. But the program is great and if you choose to use it, you will enjoy it.

5. PicResize

Another one of your helpers for resizing your photos. But its functions don’t end there. It handles image resizing quickly. You can crop and rotate your photos. Thanks to the additional special effects, you can quickly and beautifully edit your photos for your social networks. It will be easy and comfortable for you to work with this program. The program is completely free, but unfortunately, it is only possible to work with it online.

6. Fotor

Another easy-to-use online tool for enlarging your photos. You don’t need to download any software, just log in online and edit the photos you want. It has an interesting point – it offers ready-made templates to apply, i.e. just a couple of clicks and you already have a ready-made photo. But of course, if you want to create, this program will offer you those options as well.

7. Upscaler

And finally, another smart app that analyzes the picture by itself and offers you a ready-made template. It saves you as much time as possible and can make color corrections to your photo automatically. It allows you to change the sharpness and brightness, and to make labels and sketches. The program is really handy and you will find all the features you need to edit your masterpieces.

Final words

As you can see each program has its own advantages. Almost all of them are easy to use, such as Luminar Neo, with a couple of clicks, everything is ready. There are paid and free versions. There are online and offline abilities to edit photos.

Each program has its own set of tools, sometimes limited, but that does not underestimate their merits. And the main thing is to enjoy the program and be suited to its functionality. For the rest, you can adapt and find their own advantages.

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