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Third-Party Apps for Battery Monitoring: Top 6 to Consider

by Louise W. Rice

Do you want to maximize the performance of your laptop or computer? If so, keeping a close eye on your device’s battery usage and health is crucial. Although most operating systems offer some built-in tools for monitoring the battery’s performance, they offer basic features. But if you seek advanced insights and features to get the most out of your device’s battery, consider using third-party applications for battery monitoring.

This guide explores the top battery monitoring applications for Mac computers. If your MacBook Pro M1 battery draining fast, and that’s concerning you, check out these applications. These applications are designed to offer optimization tips, and valuable insights and ensure your system is running efficiently while saving battery life.

iStat Menus

Are you seeking a versatile battery and system monitoring application for your Mac computer? Look no further than iStat Menus. The application includes a powerful battery module and offers real-time data about the status of your battery. You will get details like time remaining, charge percentage, and battery usage.

The application lets you personalize the menu bar display to access the battery information at a glance. iStat Menus stands apart because of its ability to display and monitor battery data for Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and other external devices. Thanks to such exceptional features, this app is an all-in-one system monitor for Mac computers.

Battery Indicator

Battery Indicator is a popular application for Mac computers, and it replaces the default battery icon with an informative icon on the menu bar. The application displays the exact percentage left in the battery so you know when to charge your device. Additionally, the application icon also informs how much time is remaining for your device to be fully charged.


Mac computers do not have a low-power mode like iPhones. Although they do have an energy-saver mode, it means you cannot do a lot of things. For instance, in this mode, you cannot run resource-intensive processes.

However, if you want to take saving power seriously, use the Endurance application. This app will help you get additional precious minutes before charging your system. This application is designed to help you optimize battery consumption and monitor the processes or apps hogging your Mac’s battery.

Additionally, the app helps put background applications to sleep, slowing down the processor and automatically dimming the screen. Thanks to this app, you can get about 20% more from your Mac’s battery.


CoconutBattery is sought-after for its intuitive, user-friendly interface and insightful information. The app offers detailed information about the age, health, currency capacity, and charge cycles of the Mac battery. The app has a menu bar widget that allows users to carefully monitor the battery status without much effort.

The app also offers notifications when the battery reaches dangerous levels and needs to be charged. Useful tips for improving battery life are given to users as well.

If you are seeking a straightforward and comprehensive monitoring tool for your Mac battery, this is an application you must check out.

Battery Monitor

Do you want a free application offering information about your Mac’s battery? You can check out Battery Monitor. This application sits on top of the screen to see the battery cycles, current charge, and capacity.

Battery Health 3

Battery Health 3 is an application focused on analyzing and maintaining your computer’s battery health. The app offers a straightforward, user-friendly interface displaying essential information about Mac’s battery. This information includes wear level, charge cycles, and battery capacity.

The application offers suggestions and recommendations for recalibrating the battery of the system. Also, tips are given for expanding the battery’s lifespan.

If you seek a dedicated tool to preserve and monitor the battery’s health, you can consider this application.

Batteries for Mac

Batteries for Mac is a widget that sits on the Mac’s menu bar and offers valuable information about the life and health of the battery. You can monitor the battery levels and ensure your computer doesn’t abruptly die.


AlDente is an exceptional battery management application that helps users control their Mac’s charging behavior. You can use the application to set personalized charge limits to prevent the battery from reaching a full charge. The app’s intuitive interface makes it a go-to choice among Mac users.

Bottom Line

It is essential to proactively monitor your Mac computer’s battery health and usage. This will ensure the efficient performance and longevity of your computer. The applications mentioned above are some of the top choices when it comes to monitoring the health and lifespan of the battery of your MacBook.

So, have you been doing your best to get the most out of your Mac? If not, use any of the applications mentioned here.

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