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Popping the Question Soon? 8 Steps to a Flawless Proposal

by Louise W. Rice

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a checklist for the big moments in life. When it comes to proposing to the person you love, you’re in luck. These eight steps can help you create the perfect proposal for your partner. Getting engaged is one of the most significant moments in any relationship and your life.

It’s no wonder you want everything to go as flawlessly as possible. The best way to ensure your proposal and engagement start smoothly is to plan out all the details. Follow these steps to ensure that you have all of your bases covered and are prepared to ask your partner that life-changing question. 

Step 1: Find Out What They Don’t Like

Knowing what your partner does and doesn’t like can help make your proposal run smoothly from the start. Getting an idea of their taste on everything from engagement ring styles to where you should propose is all integral to your proposal plan. When it comes to engagement rings, if you know what your partner doesn’t like, you’ll have a much easier time finding the perfect engagement ring for them.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends about things they dislike when it comes to an engagement ring. For example, if they dislike the look of asymmetrical or vintage-looking rings, you might want to consider something along the lines of a classic round halo engagement ring.

Step 2: Get the Perfect Ring

Once you have narrowed down what your partner doesn’t like, you can start focusing on the ring styles that they do like. But whether you choose a classic round halo engagement ring or a dewdrop or emerald cut engagement ring, you need to make sure that it is the right size before you propose. Nothing can dampen a perfect engagement like a ring that doesn’t fit.

However, there are some clever and subtle ways you can get an idea of their ring size, such as enlisting their friends and family to help you find out what size ring to get. You can also look at their other jewelry and measure an existing ring. Looking at their other jewelry can also help you pick out a ring style. Perhaps you can match the engagement ring to their favorite diamond pendant necklace.

Step 3: Pick Your Proposal Setting

Planning the proposal setting is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to working out the details for the day of the proposal. But when you’re coming up with a list of potential places to pop the question, keep in mind that you don’t have to propose in the most beautiful place on earth or the fanciest restaurant.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a stunning backdrop, but what’s most important is that your proposal happens in a place that means something to you both. It could be the coffee shop where you first met or the place where you first kissed. Keeping your proposal setting sentimental will show your partner that you know them and your relationship like the back of your hand.

Step 4: Keep the Surprise Alive

While it’s highly advisable to discuss marriage with your partner before you pop the question, you still want to keep some element of surprise alive. For instance, they shouldn’t know when or where the proposal will happen. Surprising your partner with a shimmering classic round halo engagement ring helps keep your proposal memorable.

Once you’ve decided on a setting to propose, it’s time to make up a decoy story about why you are taking your partner to this place. Your decoy story will also help determine what they will be wearing in your surprise engagement photos.

Step 5: Set Up a Secret Photographer

The best way to help capture that moment of happiness and surprise when you first present the ring is to have someone take pictures for you. Most people ask family and friends to be their secret photographers. So, think about how you could incorporate having friends or family in your decoy story if that’s the case.

set up a secret photographer

You can also hire someone to take professional photos. The best part about hiring a photographer is that your partner will likely not recognize this person, and it can be easier to keep the element of surprise going. The other bonus of hiring a professional photographer is that your engagement photos will be beautiful and curated to exactly your liking. And because you know there will be photos being taken, suggest that your partner wear their favorite set of small hoop earrings or their favorite necklace.

Step 6: Ask Their Parents

This may seem like an outdated step. But if you can manage, it’s never a bad idea to talk to your partner’s parents or family members before your proposal. It will show your partner’s family that you are considerate and acknowledge that they will soon be your family as well. Getting your partner’s family’s approval or blessing will help the entire engagement go a whole lot smoother. It’s a really simple gesture that goes a long way.

Step 7: Decide What You Want to Say

You can get a little practice on what you’re going to say when you’re talking to their parents or family members, but you should figure out what you want to say before the big day. And you don’t have to wait until the moment of the proposal to say everything you want to. You can tell them and show them just how much they mean to you throughout the entire day.

Sure, the moment of the proposal is pretty important, but making the whole day loving and affectionate is an excellent way to create a beautiful memory that you and your partner can look back on for the rest of your lives.

Step 8: Propose

Congratulations! The only thing left to do on this proposal checklist is to get out there and propose to your love! When it comes to the actual proposal, just remember to be yourself and that it is perfectly normal and okay to be nervous, even though you know you want to be with this person forever. Try your best to relax and enjoy the day just as much as your partner. And then you can enjoy coming home engaged.


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