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24 Hours in London for History Buffs

by Louise W. Rice

Those who are looking forwards to spending a perfect day in London as a history buff are just on the right page. London ranks high on every traveler’s bucket list, and for good reasons. After all, it is one of the few cities that is famed for its fantastic architecture, excellent museums and gardens, eateries, cafes and not to miss the shopping.

Hundreds and thousands of travelers arrive here every month and take advantage of Luggage Storage London, where they can store their luggage safely and then explore the city with complete peace of mind. Those who are here for just 24 hours and want to take in the beautiful city’s history will certainly have loads to do and see. The city has a lot to offer to these history buffs, right from its ancient beginnings to its multicultural present.

London is like one significant historic monument, and no matter where you go, you will come face to face with history. First thing s first, store your baggage with LuggageHero London service and at a convenient location before you take the historical tour of the city.

1. The Royal History

Take a trip down the royal history, and you must visit the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Banqueting House, and Hillsborough Castle, just to name a few. A lot relies on your interests and how much time you have. So, you can spend a couple of hours exploring those beautiful monuments and palaces. It is a good idea to take those with an expert guide to learn about the magical history of the city. You will come across some gorgeous gardens and some great architecture built in the Dutch style.

2. The British Museum

Once you are done with the palaces and the castles, visit the British Museum which showcases some of the fascinating global artifacts. However, you need to limit your time as you could spend the entire day in the museum. Imperial War Museum and Churchill War Rooms could be other points of interest for the history buffs. National Maritime Museum will help you take a dive into the history of naval exploration of the country.

3. St. Paul’s Cathedral

Later you could Climb to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is home to famous funerals, and get the best view of London. London Dungeon is another historical spectacle that is popular among all. If you still have some time, you could explore the ruins of St. Dunstan-in-the-East, which was a church that was bombed during World War II. It is a thrilling experience to walk through the ruins that still stand. Take a trip to Stonehenge to unravel its mysterious history.

4. Oxford university

Keep some time exploring the Oxford university, one of the oldest, most famous, and most historic. The university is steeped in history as it has been educating students since 1096. It is a must to check out the Harry Potter filming sites, Radcliffe Camera, and the Ashmolean Museum.

5. Other historical sites

It would be simply impossible to cram in any more of the historical sites that London has to offer in those 24 hours you have. But as a history buff, you might want to visit some other interesting spots such as the Highgate Cemetery, Charles Dickens Museum or eat Thai food at the Churchill Arms pub.

The advice here is to have a well-planned itinerary and manage to cover the maximum historical sites the city has to offer. Or you will need to make multiple trips to explore the full history of the city. However, the above-listed sites are enough to keep you motivated and will give you lots of inspiration to plan a historic visit to London in the future!

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