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Iconic Pieces Of Furniture For Interior Lovers

by Louise W. Rice

Unlike fashion, items of furniture do not constantly change, going in and out of fashion all of the time. When purchasing a piece of furniture, it can be with you for a lifetime, so the fact that many of them remain iconic throughout this time is perfect. However, not all items of furniture are equally as iconic, and so in order to ensure that you purchase one, that is, keep reading our list of iconic pieces of furniture below.

Arco lamp

This item of furniture was first designed with the aim of solving the problem of creating a source of overhead light from a lamp that sits on the floor – thus removing the need for wires to be placed into the ceiling. The lamp features a thick base made from marble, a sleek stem, and a dome-like shade to provide the perfect overhead light source. You will have likely seen the arco in a number of different settings, from hotels to offices, and will continue to do so, given its iconic status. 

Stool 60

The creator of this piece of furniture was called Alvar Aalto. He was something of a pioneer when it came to the processes of laminating and wood bending. Producing what is known as the L leg really helped to pave the way for other furniture designers. Stool 60 features three L legs and a circular seat – rather simple, but it is this simplicity that made this item of furniture so iconic. 

Chesterfield chair

Most people have either owned a Blue Chesterfield Chair or known someone that has over the years. The strong hardwood frame that makes up the base of this piece of furniture means that the chair will last a lifetime, no matter how well used it is. In addition to looking good, the chair also provides a considerable amount of support for the shoulders, neck, and upper torso, thus reducing stress and fatigue whilst also keeping the spine well postured.

 Noguchi table

Some argue that this item of furniture is more of a piece of art than something that is used to rest a coffee cup on. This is because its form and shape are so impeccable. In fact, the designer said of his table that it was a ‘sculpture for use’ rather than something that should just be looked at and admired. It was originally produced back in 1944 and features a thick glass top that sits on a couple of organically shaped interlocking base elements.

LC4 chaise lounge

The thinking behind the creation of this piece of furniture was homes as machines that we live in and that armchairs are a machine for relaxing in. It features a frame that is curved, which allows for forwards and backward rocking. It was first designed back in 1928 and has been popular ever since then, acting as the basis for what all other chaise longues are designed against. The LC4 chaise lounge is so iconic it suits all interior styles.

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