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5 Vacation Ideas For Healing After A Breakup

by Louise W. Rice

Determining how to heal your weary soul post-breakup is tricky! This constant battle called life may suddenly halt sometimes, making you wonder what will happen next. After a traumatic breakup, some may find comfort in solitary weekends binge-watching their preferred Netflix shows and delectable food. Others might be prone to purgative escape for a few days. Instead of holding onto those sad memories, you may deter yourself from the agonizing thoughts and immerse deeply into nature’s charm.

Well, this solo trip after a breakup has become a trend nowadays! Leaving the hustle-bustle of the city behind for a few days means physically and mentally escaping your dull routine. If you’re wondering where to head for healing, these are the top 5 vacation ideas below.

1. New Zealand

It’s an ideal destination in case you’re anxious about visiting alone but simultaneously craving fresh air, thrill, and limitless picturesque views. Due to its charm and being tagged as the “World’s safest countries” globally, New Zealand isn’t difficult to fall in love with! Visiting the South Island for a serene road trip with no solid plans is suggested.

You will be spellbound after seeing the transparent waters of Lake Tekapo, except for the majestic Franz Josef Glacier and the rugged Kaikoura shoreline, where a black pebble beach encounters a sea that is even more blue compared to the sky.  Read to be dazzled by New Zealand? Head over to cozycozy, the one-stop accommodation search engine, to compare the hotel prices.

2. Killington

Visiting Killington, Vermont, during summertime is a practical solution if you are heartbroken but willing to heal your exhausted soul. This town is an abode to the largest bike park on the East Coast and has plenty of hiking trails. Therefore, hopping on top of Killington Mountain is hassle-free!

3. Italy

Are you searching for lip-smacking food and the coziest culture in the world? If so, traveling to Italy is crucial! The favorite post-breakup recommendations in this country are trekking through the Cinque Terre, wandering around in Rome, and consuming prosecco by the sea on the Amalfi Coast. This nation embodies splendor, history, and gelato. If you’re ready to experience it all, don’t miss the opportunity to explore Italy tours.

4. Ericeira, Portugal

Post-breakup needs adventure, and Ericeira is a well-known surfer destination if you have always been an adrenaline junkie. October to May is the best surf season in this town. If you’re a newbie who wants to dive into the sea and learn how to surf, no other place than Ericeira gives you the best surf training and stunning beaches. Moreover, Ericeira is an ideal antidote to several touristy destinations in Portugal, and the time you set foot in this town, you will get a sense of cathartic relief.

As you would like to visit Ericeira, booking the hotels and activities beforehand is recommended.

5. Japan

Head to Japan is a must if you’re deeply focused on finding solace to eat and breathe after your breakup while searching for a constant adventure. Make sure to check Japan tours as an ideal way to explore the diverse offerings of this remarkable country. This country offers everything, whether you’re looking for the craziest crossroads in the globe in Tokyo, seeking out the exquisitely serene tradition of a Japanese traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto, looking for peace in a little coastal village in Okinawa, or simply desire to devour all the calories in sushi.

Getting away from all the flurries of activities and learning to save your soul post-breakup can have rejuvenating, fulfilling, and laxative experiences. Choose one of these vacation ideas from the list, and cherish these memories for a lifetime.

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