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How To Keep Warm Without Turning The Heating On

by Louise W. Rice

At the moment, we’re firmly in the grips of Winter; temperatures outside are freezing cold, the Sun sets before we finish work, and it looks like we may be in for snow shortly. This is all to say, it’s going to be very cold for a while, and it’s time to try heat up.

Usually, if you’re cold, we’d simply advise that you whack on your home’s central heating system, but with the costs around heating increasing as they currently are, it might not be wise to put your heating on max and spend Winter inside a lovely warm house.

However, if you’re a bit worried about whacking the heating on, we have your back, and we’ve put together a few ways you can help keep yourself and your home nice and toasty this winter without having to pay ridiculous prices to use your home’s heating, so let’s get into it!

Layers, Layers, Layers

While we were all told this countless times by parents with an Eagle Eye on the family home’s thermostat, putting on another layer can make you feel warm enough to not want to turn up the heating in your home. It’s something we all know, but there’s no harm in reiterating.

In the cold months, you should keep a couple of sweaters or hoodies within arms’ reach and throw on another layer when you start to feel chilly. Obviously, a jumper won’t always be enough to keep you warm if it is really cold. Still, you can save yourself from unnecessarily running up heating bills by putting a jumper on before going to the thermostat.

Insulate Your Windows

When it’s cold, you shouldn’t just worry about heating your home but also be concerned about losing your home’s heat to poorly insulated windows. There’s little point heating up your home when all that heat is just going to leak out of your windows.

So you should look to improve the insulation of your windows by either upgrading your windows to newer double glazed windows or investing in some thermal blinds for your home, both of these solutions will stop heat leaking out of your home, meaning your home should stay warmer and if you do need to still put the heating on, you won’t need to run it for as long as you previously did to warm up.

Trap Heat In Rooms

Usually, the circulation of air between rooms in your home is a good thing that lets you spread fresh air around your home, but in the Winter, that means all the warm air in your home will be spreading out, which can leave you feeling a bit cold.

The solution to this is to trap heat in the room you’re in by closing internal doors to stop that heat from leaving the room. Simply closing the door of whatever room you’re in will help trap heat in that room allowing you to stay warmer. Even if you need to use the heating, this is still an excellent move to make as you’ll keep the heat confined in rooms rather than letting it spread out.

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