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What Makes The Ideal Special Needs Parent?

by Louise W. Rice

It’s definitely difficult to raise and take care of a special needs child – but it’s not impossible! With proper guidance, every person can become an ideal special needs parent

Naturally, it means much more than not having issues with the law. If you had to talk with a DWI attorney in the past couple of years, then you may not be able to adopt, if that’s what you want.

However, if you’re willing and ready to embark on such a journey, here is what makes the ideal special needs parent!

Energy – Energy – Energy!

As the parent or caretaker of a special needs child, you need a vast amount of energy readily available to you every single day!

Why? Because, besides the usual work that needs to be done when raising a child, you also need to engage in research, drive to appointments, cook special food, take allergies into account, manage feeding issues, know intolerances, and also manage meltdowns

Friends and Friendships

A special needs parent must still have ordinary friends and friendships to keep them connected with the rest of the world. Moreover, having a special needs child doesn’t mean you can only connect only with special needs children and parents.

In short, life as ordinary as possible is still required for you to maintain your sanity and to, most importantly, make your child feel accepted by the world. 

Proper Support

No matter how much time and energy special needs parents have, they still need support, especially emotional. In this case, we refer to friends and family who understand your situation and don’t mind when you vent to them. 

Family comes with a bigger role here, as they can actively help you raise your child and also become a better parent. 

Coaching and External Help

Having to adapt to the needs of a special needs child can be extremely difficult. As such, you may need external help or even coaching for a period of time.

External help may come in the form of information and resources provided to you by competent associations and/or organizations. Coaching, on the other hand, can come from experts in the field that will, most likely, tell you what to do and what to avoid doing for free. 

Relying on social media for helpful advice is usually a bad thing. If in doubt, rely on expert or professional advice.


Naturally, patience is essential – for everybody, not only for special needs parents. But, we can all agree that special needs parents must be really gifted with patience while raising their child. 

With the right amount of support and energy, patience is ensured. Therefore, if you know a special needs parent, make sure to check in on them and, if possible, lend a helping hand!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, a special needs parent needs more than just money to raise their child. In fact, they may not even need the extra funds as much as they need emotional support from their friends and family.

A simple gesture like babysitting their child to give them some time off can give such parents the energy they need to move forward!

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