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Things To Know Before Buying Your Leather Sofa

by Louise W. Rice

Are you the type that is after beauty and high-quality sofas? The answer lies in getting yourself leather sofas.

Such couches will offer you the following benefits

  • They are comfortable to sit on regardless of the weather
  • Leather sofas do not wear out with age; rather, they become softer and more inviting
  • They last long compared to fabric couches
  • They easily integrate with your interior design due to their natural neutral colors.

Since time back in memorial usage of leather in upholstery has gained massive popularity. Today, leather sofas are the most preferred material among the wealthy and the nobles. This has resulted from the fact that they blend well with most interior designs, are cheap to maintain, last longer, and are not susceptible to allergens.

Because of their massive popularity, it’s important to note that leather sofa sale is on the rise today. Below is a discussion of some important factors you need to consider before buying a leather sofa.

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Leather Sofa

The Type of Leather Used in Making the Sofa

There are different types of leather used in the making of leather sofas that determine the couch’s price and how long it lasts. Your leather sofa can have any of the following types of leather faux, bonded, split-grain, bi-cast, full-grain, or top-grain, to name a few.

It’s upon you to familiarize yourself with the leather type used in making the couch before deciding to buy. So, if you will be ordering a leather Chesterfield sofa, you need to, for example, understand that sofas containing top grain leather are the smoothest, most natural, and supplest, which results from the fact that this leather is buffed to remove imperfections after getting it from the outer layers of the hide.

On the contrary, sofas containing full-grain leather will always have imprints from the hide and animal they originated. This is because the formation of such leather entails just removing hair present on the hide, and it is untreated.

The right leather type for you will depend on where and how you want to use the seat. For example, you could be looking for a shiny, long-lasting, or easy to clean leather sofa. In this case, you need to consult with your seller on the leather type that offers such.

Finishing of the Leather Sofa

Finishing of leather entails coloring, wax dressing, ironing, waterproofing, and embossing. These processes determine the appearance of the final surface and its properties. Three main types of leather finish are fully finished, aniline and semi-aniline.

Fully finished leather is the most preferred due to its ability to withstand wear and tear and ease of cleaning. Sofas made with this finishing tend to be glossy and a little shiny compared to others.

Frame Found in the Leather Sofa Matters

The frame of your sofa has determined how long it will last and retain its shape. Following this, it’s always good to go for a frame that is strong and sturdy. If possible, consider getting leather sofas made with kiln-dried hardwood. It is a strong and durable wood since it doesn’t contain any moisture as it’s completely removed during the manufacturing process.

Moreover, make sure the frame joints are well glued and screwed, and the corners have reinforcing blocks for extra support and strength.

Check on the Cushion Fillings

Your good quality leather sofa may turn out to be useless depending on the filling done on the cushions. Your couches will either contain fillings from polyester, feathers, or foam, which is the most commonly used filling material.

The ideal cushion filling for you will depend on your preference and health. If you experience any medical condition such as joint or muscle pains, it’s always good to go for the memory foam to support and conform to the body.

If you are after a long-lasting type of cushions, the high resilient density filling is the right choice for you as cushions containing this type of filling are less prone to wear and sagging and can last up to 14 years.

The other option for cushion fillings is the feather from chicken or duck. These are known to be cheaper and ideal for people that love the softness of sofas. Nonetheless, note that features don’t dry well when they get wet, and it may require you to spend more in getting waterproof covers.

Polyester cushion filling is a perfect choice for people looking to buy leather sofas on a budget. Take note, however, that cushions with this type of filling won’t last you for long as they flatten out easily.

Taking Care of a Leather Sofa

Leather sofas require a little bit more work than the normal fabrics for them to serve you long. You must, for instance, make sure to dust the sofa regularly, do spill cleaning, and vacuum to get rid of notches.

Moreover, note that leather sofas have specific cleaners or chemicals you should use in cleaning. Therefore make sure to get your sofa from a licensed store that will give you all the detailed instructions other than picking it from any leather sofa sale going on out there.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep your sofa away from the prolonged sun, direct air conditioners, and heat sources.

With good maintenance and making sure to get the right quality leather sofa, you won’t have to spend again for decades on seat expenses.

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