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Part-Time Job Ideas For College Students

by Louise W. Rice

It’s not uncommon for college students to find themselves in such a situation where they have to choose between good grades, social life, enough sleep, and work. Though free time is not abundant during college, a part-time job can help students with their expenses, whether it’s money for tuition, food, rent, or even cocktails. Also, having a good-paying will help you get an excellent start to your career after college.

There are numerous part-time jobs to choose from depending on the schedules and requirements of individual students. When looking for a part-time job to fit in with your study schedule, try finding one that isn’t too far from your college, or something that fits your schedule. Part-time jobs pay a wide variety of salaries, so look for one that is both fun and provides you with the right amount of money.

The list below proposes some of the most competent college students’ jobs regarding versatility, pay, and benefits.

1. Teaching Assistant

As a teaching assistant (TA), you’ll assist students with their emotional, educational, and social development on a person or class basis. Your responsibilities will depend on your level of education and TA status. You’ll also need to offer personalized teaching activities to students one-on-one or in small groups. As a higher-level teaching assistant, you’ll lead classes on your own, giving teachers time to schedule and grade assignments and supervising other support staff. If you are interested to try, here you may check teaching assistant no experience jobs.

2. Care Assistant

If you’re currently studying social work as your college major or something related, this is probably one of the better options. The benefits of being a social worker are much more diverse than you would think. If you care about other people, this is the job for you. It can be a very satisfying way to make a difference in the lives of children, the elderly, and people with disabilities while still allowing you to work flexible hours.

You may be assisting people on a nearly full-time basis or only as a “helper-out” basis for people who choose to maintain their independence. You may be able to find suitable positions in a care home or nursing facility. Besides being a personally gratifying choice, the hours can be pretty flexible, and the experience will be relevant for your future.

3. University Book Store Employee

Most colleges have a central book store where students can buy textbooks, apparel, and school supplies. Inquire about job openings at your university’s shop. You could be eligible for employee discounts on books, clothing, and other supplies, in addition to the comfort of being on campus.

4. Photographer

Reach out to the local photographers to see if they need an assistant if you have a nice DSLR and a knack for catching stunning moments. Since you’ll be working on-demand and mostly on weekends, this career is ideal for those who need to give their studies more time during the week. Another viable alternative is to start a photography business on your own. You could start by taking your peers’ mug-shots and uploading them on a dedicated social media page for your little venture.

5. After-School Tutor

The possibilities are immeasurable when it comes to working as a part-time instructor or mentor. You can volunteer at an after-school charity program or join one of the emerging gig economies teaching platforms like TakeLessons, Chegg Tutors, StudySoup, Maestro, and Skillshare. The pay is typically excellent, and the hours are often flexible.

6. Host or Waiter at a Restaurant

For those looking to make quick money while gaining valuable experience in the food industry, this is the job to choose. It is for ambitious people who want to work as a chef, own a restaurant, or pay their way through college quickly. While the job a bit demanding as far as work hours are concerned and may not be as flexible as some others on this list. The perks are substantial. If you get lucky enough to work at a high turnover restaurant, you can make as much as 500 to 1000 dollars worth of tips per night! Now isn’t that tasty!

7. Social Media Manager

Do you think Snapchat and Instagram have been a waste of your time? Or do you enjoy staying active on social media? Suppose your answer to the second is a big YES. In that case, you can also put your social media management skills to work for a local company or startup. Search for social media manager jobs near you on Google and start exploring them to earn those extra bucks. Some of these jobs allow remote working, which is ideal for busy students good at multitasking.

8. Research Assistant

Working as a research assistant necessitates some prior experience in the field. However, part-time positions come with a decent income. Since the job does require access to tons of information, the campus setting would be convenient. If you have a thing for research and want to earn while being on campus, this is a go-to job for you.

9. Call Center Representative

By wearing a headset and answering calls can help you make a few more bucks. Though any student who speaks clearly and can make a decent sales pitch is eligible, keep in mind that the employers prefer applicants who are bilingual or have experience.

10. Freelance Writer

And if not any of the above, if you can write well, then there are a plethora of options for you to make money online. Join a platform such as freelancecorner, share your writing samples, and earn those extra bucks to pay off your college expenses. The better the writer you are, the more greens you get – it’s as simple as that!


Working part-time or on a flexible schedule while in college is a smart way to earn money. Starting your job quest on campus is the best place to start. For on-campus positions, you will automatically be granted hiring preference if you are a student. Off-campus jobs are also an excellent way to supplement your income while staying in your apartment or dorm. However, you might want to ensure that your working place is close by to save on travel expenses. Wouldn’t want to burn all your hard-earned money while going back and forth, would you?

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