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Decor Ideas To Revamp Your Living Room Design

by Louise W. Rice

Tired of coming home to the same old living room every day?

Many homeowners design a living room they love, but after a few years of looking at the same thing, it just isn’t as inspiring anymore. The interior design reflects and affects the mood and personality of the person who designed it and lives there. Perhaps that’s why most people tend to redecorate every 3 to 4 years. An individual’s mental state and even personality undergo subtle shifts over time.

Feeling like it’s time to make a change? Here are some fabulous ideas to spruce things up without breaking the bank!

1. Hang a Few Posters

An easy way to revamp the look of an entire room is to change up the wall decor. Posters and other wall hangings allow homeowners to transform the room in the small amount of time it takes to hang them up.

The design possibilities are endless. There are posters to show off any individual taste, from classic cars to flowers to animals to eclectic art. Plus, posters aren’t a permanent element for those worried about not doing anything too crazy to avoid bringing down the home’s value when it’s time to sell.

2. Choose a Bold Accent Color

It is best to stick with neutral colors for the furniture and other semi-permanent and somewhat expensive pieces in the living room. This gives homeowners the freedom to change their decor and still have it fit in with their furniture.

A boldly patterned couch might be stunning, but it forever forces the designer to choose decor pieces for the living room that fit in with the couch. Instead, choose bold colors and patterns in pillows, throws, curtains, and other relatively easy-to-replace decor items. Learn more about the use of these elements in interior and curtain making courses.

3. Add a Mirror or Two

Mirrors are an excellent tool in interior design for more than one reason.

They can be used across from a window to reflect natural light and make space seem brighter. Most people tend to spend most of their time indoors these days, which means they aren’t exposed to natural light and its many benefits. Adding mirrors is a great way to add more natural light without knocking holes in the walls for more windows.

Additionally, large mirrors help make a small room seem larger by creating more visual space, even if there isn’t any more physical space. Designers can also use them to further accent the room’s focal point or a desirable design feature.

Mirrors have such an impact on the look of a room that they are sometimes referred to as the “aspirin of Feng Shui”. Used correctly, they are a powerful tool for both interior designers and those that practice Feng Shui.

4. Add a Rug

Rugs can be used to add splashes of color here and there or tie in an accent color and finish a look. However, they can also be a focal point of the room.

Try a bold rug with bright colors or an eye-catching pattern (or both) to gently dominate the room. Add accents around the room to pick favored colors out of the rug and pull the whole look together.

Using rugs as a focal piece is fabulous for another reason. It’s easy to swap out the rug as the seasons change or when it’s time to revamp the room’s look once more. Because it’s a versatile and non-committal design choice, rugs are also one of the popular ideas for designing a condo space. If you do live in a condo or apartment, you may want to revamp more often.

5. Textured Wallpaper

The common advice is to stick with neutral colors on the walls and get creative with other decor items. Adding an interesting texture to the wall is one way to do something fun without overpowering the room.

One way to do this is by upholstering the walls. Unfortunately, this is a big job and can get expensive. It can also be difficult to keep clean since you can’t remove the upholstered panels. A simple alternative is to use a fabric-effect wallpaper. This gives the walls extra depth and dimension, just like upholstery without the challenges of working with fabric.

6. Statement Lighting

Light fixtures will always be an important part of a room’s design. After all, nobody likes to sit in a dark room. For those that really want to take things to the next level, a statement lighting piece is always a great way to do it.

From elegant chandeliers to several uneven hanging lights to big bright Astro wall lights, there is virtually no end to the atmosphere a designer can create with a bold piece of statement lighting.

To tie it all together, try adding the lighting piece elements in other pieces throughout the room. For example, if the light fixture is made from brass, incorporate brass elements in other decorations or furniture pieces.

7. Tile the Fireplace

Likely, this piece is already a major focal point in living rooms with a fireplace. After all, who doesn’t love staring into the mesmerizing flames while they contemplate the secrets of the universe? Fire naturally draws the eye, and fireplaces, whether elegant or rustic, naturally dominate a room.

Mix it up by adding tile around the fireplace. The possibilities are endless. Tile comes in all sorts of different colors, shapes, and sizes. An expert installer can create a design to complement and transform the existing fireplace into a masterpiece to be looked upon with awe.

Revamp Your Living Room Design Today

From simple to more complex, there are plenty of things you can do to revamp your living room design. Have you been inspired by one of these incredible ideas? There’s no time like the present to try something new. Once the look is complete, you’ll get to come home to something different that reflects who you are in this stage of your life.

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