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The Best Places for Getting Couples Counseling

by Louise W. Rice

Just as a happy marriage can bring happiness to one’s life, a sinking and bad relationship can result in abuse, chaos, and untold pain for both partners. Unfortunately, events we have all been dealing with for the past few years have only done more to increase conflict: more time at home together for the stressed couple, which can exacerbate pent-up tensions and expose the cracks in an already shaky relationship.

As a result, couples gradually experience loss of love for each other, have more frequent altercations, and have absolutely no motivation to stay with each other, thus prolonging their own confusion and suffering. But remember this, should there be an inclination in the couple to resolve their marital issues and seek the proper guidance and counseling together, there is every possibility that things can be set right even if all the previous attempts to fix the problems have failed.

Couple’s counseling is a form of psychotherapy that helps both partners to recognize conflicts either to improve their relationship or go their separate ways. The specific plan of treatment depends on the situation.

So, if you are interested in having a go at trying couples therapy to determine if it is a fit for both of you, here is a list of some of the best programs and techniques at your fingertips, which can go a long way in enhancing your relationship.

Discernment counseling

Discernment counseling is said to provide a short-term solution for two partners in which one is inclined to save the relationship while the other wants to end it.  A clinical psychologist can help the couple figure out if some ambivalence prevents them from reaping the benefits of a happily married life.

Ultimately, the main goal is to guide the couple to consider all options before deciding on the final fate of their relationship.

Relationship counseling literature

There are a number of books available, written by professionals, across the counter for help in DIY relationship improvement. These writers have worked in coaching or counseling settings and have worked with couples before.

Do not go with an author who does not have counseling certifications and instead opt for a credible writer for relationship advice. Books by couples who have the experience of staying years together can also be a good source of guidance.

Narrative therapy

This imaginative way of counseling employs stories to help couples separate from their symptoms or concerns. In other words, narrative therapy counselors help the partners understand that their problems need not define them in their relationship.

Pastoral counseling

People have since long been turning to religious leaders for support and solutions related to many issues ranging from mental health to sinking relationships. This is where competent pastoral counseling comes into play.

Every pastor has a different method of conducting couple counseling, with the primary aim being it is born openly and honestly. If a pastor senses that the couple has severe problems beyond the required level of expertise, you may be referred to someone specialized with a higher social work degree.

Online therapy platforms

Making use of an online therapy platform is an excellent way to seek counseling for yourself and your partner. A reputed provider like ReGain offers to counsel for both individuals and couples. You simply fill in a quick questionnaire that will assist you in matching you with the right therapist or counselor. If the first therapist does not fulfill your requirements by chance, you can switch providers at any stage. ReGain makes it easy and fast to connect and start working with the ideal treatment professional.

Online counseling sources, including ReGain, offer similar benefits to in-person counseling but from the privacy and comfort of your own home in an encouraging and open discussion environment. The treatment cost varies between $60-$80 per week, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. All their onboard providers have at least three years and over 1000 hours of practical experience.

Our relationship is helpful for couples who want to complete their online self-help program at their own pace, providing both partners decide to complete the program together. If one partner is reluctant, then the website offers suggestions as to how to motivate the partner to accept. If this does not work for some reason or the other, there is a version available to complete the program on your own.

Our relationship touts a success rate of over 94% and can be downloaded on your phone, tablet or computer. These 2 apps are widely considered the best for couples, but you can easily find suitable alternatives if you don’t like either. There isn’t a whole lot separating these two for the other top sites for couples therapy, so any place you go to will probably do the trick.

Access to weekly webinars

This completely online program is designed for couples who lead busy lives. A team can reach out to accredited psychologists and doctors who are adept in case-to-case studies and the practical aspects of psychological counseling through webinars.

These unique programs cover scenarios based on both partners, including their children, and offer practical solutions to help couples reunite with minimum stress through live weekly webinars and classrooms.

The program duration is roughly two months and costs between $50 and $150, without and with a coach.

Final takeaway

Since no two couples are alike, different approaches to access treatment will work for other partners, whether jointly or individually. Ultimately, though various modalities available online can provide valuable information, a licensed counselor only can tell you if they will be of any help. So take the leap and sign up for your search today.

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