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Make Your Extensions Fabulous By Reviving Their Quality

by Louise W. Rice

The countless benefits of hair extensions are a blessing for those who always dreamed about having long hair. Instant length and volume, color change, new hairstyles, and low maintenance make them an ideal option to upgrade your hairdo.

However, if you are not properly taking care of extensions, it can leave them frizzy and dry, and nobody wants that! That is why we are here to provide you expert tips for reviving the beauty and charm of extensions.

Some simple steps for reviving the quality of your hair extensions

Step 1: Get them trimmed

For restoring your extensions, start by getting them trimmed. Just like your natural hair, extensions also need regular trimming for maintaining their good condition. The ends get damaged easily. Therefore, go for a regular trimming every few months. They might become short, but at least they will be healthy.

If you are wearing clip-on hair extensions, you can even do it yourself. However, you would require a professional hand with micro link hair extensions.

Step 2: Brushing

Comb through your hair extensions to get rid of any tangles and knots. Removing tangles will keep their quality intact and prevent them from becoming messy. Various hair extension brushes are available in the market that will keep your extensions tangle-free.

Step 3: use the right hair products.

It is essential to choose the right hair care products to treat your damaged hair extensions. Use shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum properly by applying various products evenly, from top to bottom. Using a hair mask allows the hair extensions to soak up beneficial ingredients that will help revive their quality.

Step 4: Allow treatments to absorb fully

There are various hair treatments available in the market for reviving extensions. It is recommended that the longer you let the treatment sit, the more it will help make your extension less dry and frizzy. Use only lightweight and natural ingredient-rich remedies.

Keeping it overnight is recommended. However, if you are in a rush, you can leave it for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Step 5: Brush through.

Brush through your extensions after applying hair treatments to make sure they are evenly coated.

Step 6: it’s time to wash

After you have evenly applied the treatment, it’s time to wash it out for better results. Choose a shampoo that is sulfate and chlorine-free. A lightweight extension will be easy to wash. However, if it still has some product left, you can shampoo again. End this with a layer of conditioner.

Step 7: Dry them up!

If you have clip-in hair extensions, lay each strand on the towel and let them dry naturally. In the case of permanent hair extensions such as micro link hair extensions, you can either let them dry naturally or use a blow dryer on a low heat setting while brushing gently to avoid getting them tangled.

Step 8: Straighten them up!

After they have dried, straighten them up using a straightener on a low heat setting. This will make your extensions easy to manage and make them soft and silky.

Some tips for keeping your hair extension quality intact

  • Use the wide-toothed brush for combing extensions
  • Avoid rinsing your extensions regularly
  • Avoid using heating appliances regularly
  • While sleeping, keep your hair braided to avoid tangling of extensions.


Using the right hair treatment and maintenance routines will help bring your extensions back to life. These steps will make your extensions soft, smooth, and manageable. If you are facing severe damage, it is recommended to go through these steps twice a week to prevent dryness.

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