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Simple Tips to Stay Safe When Shopping Online

by Louise W. Rice

More and more people choose online shopping over its traditional counterpart. Not only is shopping online more convenient, but it’s also fun! A lot of customers view online shopping as entertainment that helps them unwind while making their purchases. Indeed, added flexibility, convenience, a huge selection of products, 24/7 digital availability, and ease of buying attract more customers.

So, today, a vast majority of shoppers rely on e-commerce platforms whenever they need to buy or sell something. Still, are you sure that your sensitive information remains private and intact every time you purchase something from your favorite online store? Or you’ve never even bothered your head with similar questions? Well, even if you don’t frequent online stores, knowing how to protect yourself while shopping won’t hurt.

Below are some simple yet effective tips that will help you make the most of your online shopping without endangering your safety.

Do Research

The first thing you want to keep in mind is to do some research before sharing your personal information with a specific website. If you intend to use tried-and-tested retail platforms like Alimart.ae or eBay, which provides money-back and delivery guarantees to their customers, you don’t need to worry about taking some extra precautions.

Still, if you want to buy products from a completely new store, familiarize yourself with other users’ reviews first. And double-check if your preferred shop holds all the necessary permits and licenses to operate legally.

Keep Personal Info Safe

Always keep your personal information safe. When sharing your personal details with an e-commerce platform, be aware of what exactly they are asking for. If you believe a vendor is demanding information that has nothing to do with processing your order, don’t hesitate to steer clear of that particular store.

Keep Your Device Clean

It’s not a secret that all apps get updated from time to time. This way, your software provides you with the best user experience and prevents malware from making its way onto your device. With this in mind, you’ll want to keep your phone, tablet, laptop, and other gadgets you use for browsing the web updated. Also, invest in a reliable antivirus package that will help maximize your protection.

Fortify Your Online Accounts

To stay safe while shopping online, you should enable the strongest authentication tools on your device and utilize them properly. Some of them include security keys, biometrics, dedicated authenticator apps providing you with the most reliable one-time passcodes (e.g., Google Authenticator), and two-factor authentication tools. Also, make sure your passwords are strong and tamper-proof. Ideally, you should come up with a sentence containing at least 12 characters. It should be a mixture of upper- and lowercase letters, figures, and symbols. If you have too many passwords to remember, feel free to use a password manager.

Get Savvy with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Settings

When it comes to sharing your personal details online, you want to ensure your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned off. The point is some retailers monitor their consumer activity by looking for devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on, while hackers are on the lookout for possible breaches to access your sensitive info. This is especially true when you’re using unsecured public networks.

Use VPNs

For maximum protection, you want to use a reliable VPN to hide your own IP address and secure your entire device. With all your online activity being thoroughly encrypted, hackers and other prying eyes won’t be able to steal your private information. What’s more, a VPN can help disguise your real location and enable you to access websites and streaming services that would otherwise be unavailable in your region.

They are only some simple tricks that will make your online life more secure and thus happier. So, keep those recommendations in mind when purchasing goods and services from vendors over the Internet and take your buying experience to the next level!

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