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Some Fun Drinking Games for Your Next Party

by Louise W. Rice

After a long work week, most people just want to relax, have fun, and see their friends. For many people, a relaxing weekend includes a couch, a film, and some delicious takeout, with maybe a beer here and there. For others, however, a relaxing weekend includes parties, drinks, and lots of friends. If you are such a person, this article is for you, as we will look through a few of the most exciting drinking games you can play at the next party.


DrunkJack is a fun twist on the classic game of BlackJack. Rules-wise, there is no difference between BlackJack and DrunkJack. All necessary to play the game is several decks of cards and the drink of your choice.

The rules are simple. The players bet sips of beer (or the preferred alcohol of choice) or shots. When players lose, they simply take the number of glasses they’ve bet or drink the number of photos they’ve gambled. BlackJack is a fun staple of casinos, and it is sure to get a party going if the element of booze is added.

The best part about DrunkJack is that you don’t even have to be at a party to play it. Online relationships and friendships have become ever more popular and present in today’s world, and thanks to online casinos like novibet.co.uk, you can now play DrunkJack with friends from all over the world. The main advantage that online casinos offer over land-based casinos is that they provide several free-to-play options for most of their games. This means that you are free to start a group game with all of your friends and make the stake whatever you want. In this case, getting drunk with your best friends.

Beer Pong

A staple of college campuses, Beer Pong, is one of the most famous drinking games in the world. For those who may not have heard about the game, what you need for Beer Pong is at least twenty plastic cups, a ping pong ball, and a whole lot of beer. The way the game works is quite simple. Two to four players fill ten cups (or more) with beer and place them on opposite sides of a (preferably ping pong) table. The goal is to get the ping pong ball into the opponent’s cup, prompting them to chug the beer inside it.

Beer Pong became so popular as a drinking game that it has grown into an actual, albeit not super popular, sport, even prompting its very own World Cup.

Drunk Uno

The last game featured on this list is the classic game of Uno, with the twist of alcohol. While there is an official Drunk Uno deck, which comes with 4 shot cups, and customized cards, it is entirely possible to make custom rules for drinking at home, or just look up the rules of Drunk Uno online and apply them to your home game and regular cards. This is the perfect game for fans of both Uno and beer.

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