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Michael C. Hall’s Third Wife Morgan Macgregor: The Facts

by Louise W. Rice

Some people can be in the public eye all the time but still maintain a sense of privacy. This is true for Morgan Macgregor, the third and current wife of actor Michael C. Hall.

Although she’s appeared with her famous husband on countless red carpets and attended dozens of events with him, she’s still a fairly private person. Little is known about her life before and after marrying the renowned actor.

Who Is Morgan Macgregor

Morgan Macgregor is a writer, book reviewer, and former model. She’s the third wife of famous actor Michael C. Hall, best known for starring in the hit TV series, Dexter, where he played the title character.

They started dating in August 2012 and have been inseparable ever since. They made their red carpet debut as a couple on September 23, 2012, at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Morgan Macgregor Current Status

Morgan Macgregor currently resides with her husband, Michael C. Hall, in a lavish 2-bedroom apartment that he bought for $4.3 million back in 2018.

The apartment is located in the twin-towered El Dorado building designed by the legendary architect, Emery Roth.

She appears alongside her husband on red carpets and charity events. The most recent of those events was on November 1, 2021, at the premiere of Dexter: New Blood, the revival of the beloved TV series.

Some Facts About Morgan Macgregor

Here’s what we know about Morgan Macgregor:

Early Life

Morgan Louise Macgregor was born in March 1983 in Canada. Not much is known about her early life, as she keeps her family and relatives under wraps.


Morgan obtained her diploma from a local Canadian high school. She then joined Concordia University, where she earned a degree in Communication.


Morgan moved to Los Angeles sometime in the 2010s, where she worked as a book reviewer for websites like BookBrowse, Book Riot, and Los Angeles Review of Books. In 2011, she wrote a guest Op-Ed that was featured on The Nervous Breakdown.

She also kept a  now-defunct blog called Reading in L.A., where she shared reviews of books she read, as well as thoughts and personal anecdotes. You can access an archived version of the blog here.

She also did some modeling in 2011 for a brand called MNKR for their spring lookbook. As of 2012, she’s been under the radar when it comes to writing publicly. She even deleted her Twitter account that went by the handle @MonikerNewinsky. In 2018, Michael C. Hall said she’s working on her own thing, perhaps referring to the novel she’s working on.

Morgan also stated she wants to open a bookstore called Dead or Alive, a witty name that alludes to the question, “What historical figure would you invite for dinner, dead or alive?



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Although this is Michael C. Hall’s third marriage, theirs is the only marriage on the records for Morgan Macgregor. They wed in a private ceremony at the NYC city hall on February 29, 2016.

The pair had been dating since August 2012 after he split from his ex-wife and former Dexter co-star, Jennifer Carpenter.

As of May 2022, they don’t have any children, and Michael doesn’t have any children from his previous two marriages, either.


Keeping with the theme of private matters, not much is known about Morgan Macgregor’s net worth. Some estimate her earnings to be anywhere between $100,000 and $1.5 million over the years.

Unless a prenup was signed, she’s expected to have a share of the estimated $25 million net worth of her husband, Michael. However, this isn’t his first rodeo, so his assets are most likely safe in case divorce is in their future.


Morgan Macgregor loves body art, as evident by the ink all over her left arm. She has two large tattoos, one going from the left side of her neck to her upper arm, saying “the horse jumped over the f***ing” and then a drawing of a fence across her arm. The second is a sash that says “Winona Forever” right under the fence.

She also has a few small tattoos on her left forearm and hand:

  • One right beneath her elbow with the number 71, probably alluding to Michael’s birth year.
  • The word “Lolita” is written in cursive on the back of her left wrist.
  • A cross on her left middle finger.
  • A small hangman stick figure and a capital letter M (or W) on her left pinky.

Who Is Michael C. Hall, Morgan Macgregor’s Husband?

Michael Carlyle Hall was born on February 1, 1971, to William Carlyle Hall and Janice(née Styons) Hall.

His family was hit by tragedy once before his birth, when his older sister died in infancy, and again when his father succumbed to prostate cancer at the age of 39. Michael was only 11 years old when he lost his father.

He attended Ravenscroft School in Raleigh, graduating in 1989. He then went on to attend  Earlham College for liberal arts in Richmond, Indiana, earning his degree in 1993.

He discovered his love for acting and music from an early age, performing in school productions ever since he was 8 years old.

His professional career took off first by starring in theater productions off-Broadway from 1995 to 2005. He appeared in Macbeth and Cymbeline at the New York Shakespeare Festival.

His other Shakespearean roles include Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lancelot in Camelot, and Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing.


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His first Broadway role was in the Cabaret revival in 1999, that’s where he was cast as David Fisher in the network series Six Feet Under. His outstanding performance in the first season of the series was nominated for a Primetime Emmy award.

He then started touring as Billy Flynn in the musical Chicago in 2003, where he met his first wife, Amy Spanger, who played Roxie Hart opposite him. The couple got married in 2002 and divorced in 2006.

His true claim to fame was through the beloved TV series, Dexter, where he plays the title character, a forensic scientist that commits a vigilante crime on his time off. He met his second wife, Jennifer Carpenter, on the show, where she played his adoptive sister.

They eloped on New Year’s Eve in 2008 and separated shortly after. They filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences in December 2010, which was finalized a year later.

He co-produced the show which ran from October 1, 2006, to September 22, 2013. His role in the series earned him five Emmy nominations, three Golden Globe nominations, and a SAG Award, which he won in 2010.

Michael C. Hall went on to star in multiple other projects, both on television and in movies. He returned to play Dexter almost a decade later, starring once again in the sequel series Dexter: New Blood. It premiered on Showtime on November 1, 2021, and ended on January 9, 2022.

Final Thoughts

Morgan Macgregor is a regular person who was put under the microscope after she began her relationship with Michael C. Hall in 2012. However, she’s been keeping her life fairly private, considering she’s married to a TV superstar.

We hope her marriage and life in the public eye don’t affect her plans to release her first novel or open her bookstore, Dead or Alive!

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