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How to Bet on the UFC?

by Louise W. Rice

Mixed Martial Arts used to be a fringe sport, but a number of factors have changed things. Firstly, the rise in digital TV and social media has brought MMA to a wider audience.

The formation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993 helped to give the sport a major boost. This remains as the biggest organization in MMA, and its ability to attract the best fighters in the game keeps it at the forefront.

There are other ways to enjoy the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The betting industry is just one sector to have benefited from UFC’s rise in popularity. What markets are available, and why would the betting community want to get involved?

A True Test

Why is MMA so popular? The very nature of the sport tests all aspects of a fighter’s ability. This is mixed martial arts, and it’s not all about one discipline, such as boxing or kickboxing.

As a result, it produces the best all-round fighters in the sphere of combat sports. As for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, this is simply the biggest and most historic organization within MMA. It’s only natural that UFC will attract the best athletes, the widest set of fans, and the most interest from the betting community.

Who Will Win?

The most obvious betting market for any UFC contest relates to the fight winner. There are two opponents inside the Octagon, and it’s the job of the bettor to decide who will win.

This is known as the Moneyline market in North America and it’s the best option for anyone starting out. With no prospect of a draw, it’s a case of deciding between the two men or women concerned.

As a real-life example, a battle in December 2022, saw Sergei Pavlovich take on Tai Tuivasa on a UFC undercard. As the stronger fighter with the better record, Pavlovich was listed as the clear favorite, while Tuivasa was very much the underdog.

While it is a simple concept, no one should get involved in Moneyline betting without doing plenty of research. Recent results are the first point to note. Are the fighters in form or is one opponent going into the match on a losing streak?

It’s also worth checking to see if there are any head-to-head results between the two fighters on the show. Previous outcomes won’t guarantee what’s going to happen in the future, but they can offer a good indication.

Method of Victory

UFC betting operators will also list a number of prop bets. The prop is a term used in all forms of sports betting, and it is short for the proposition. The sportsbooks are literally proposing that something may happen during the fight.

One of the most popular of these is the Method of Victory market. It asks you to name a fighter and to speculate on the manner in which they will win the bout. Options will include Knockout, Technical Knockout, Submission, Decision, and Disqualification.

Like all prop bets, Method of Victory markets tends to appear in the days leading up to the fight.

Other Prop Bets

Additional prop bets for the big UFC fights include markets for the number of rounds. There is the capacity for each battle to last for a maximum of three rounds. Sportsbooks will therefore give their customers the option to bet on the number of rounds within a fight.

Bookmakers will publish three different lines – 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5. The bettor then has to decide whether to stake Over or Under one of these lines.

Active UFC sportsbooks will also publish a market on whether or not the fight will go the distance. When this option is available, it’s a choice between ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The Biggest Events

The next big event for Mixed Martial Arts fans to look forward to takes place on December 4. It’s billed as UFC Fight Night with the battle between Stephen Thomson and Kevin Holland taking center stage.

The UFC is also known for producing numbered events. It all started with UFC1, and in 2022, the organization is looking forward to UFC 282 in mid-December. While this is the oldest and biggest organization in MMA, it’s also one of the busiest, and there’s always a top-class event to look forward to.

Why Get Involved?

Betting on any sport, within moderation and personal limits, can always add a little interest. Suddenly, something will be riding on the event, and bettors will rooting for one opponent.

With UFC betting, there is a great deal of choice in terms of markets. Those sportsbooks that get involved will also understand the sport’s popularity. That’s why the odds are always competitive, and promotions are abundant.

It’s a great all-round package from the betting operators and one that could enhance the enjoyment of a UFC fight night.

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