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5 Great Gifts For Grandparents

by Louise W. Rice

The holidays are upon us, and although the problems of 2020 might mean you can’t see your elderly relatives this year, that doesn’t mean you still can’t send them awesome gifts that they’re sure to love. Often grandparents will insist not to bother buying them presents, but it’s always nice to make sure they get something to open on Christmas day that you know they’ll appreciate. Below are a few ideas of what you can give to the grandparents in your family this year.

1. A Selection of Their Favorite Movies

Although the majority of the world streams their favorite movies and TV shows nowadays if your grandparents still have a DVD player at home why not purchases a boxset or selection of their favorite movies? It’ll serve as a great past-time during lockdown days, but also if they haven’t seen them for a while it’s sure to bring a smile to their face and help them take trips down memory lane.

2. Useful Tech

If your grandparents are tech-savvy, why not invest in some useful gadgets they can use around the house? Perhaps an AI system for them to listen to music, search for information, and set reminders of their schedule, could be a great gift? Or perhaps look at smartwatches for the elderly that can track their health and fitness or help them stay in touch with loved ones and manage their appointments? Both of these are examples of useful tech that could help to make your grandparent’s lives easier, especially if they are a little forgetful.

3. Make a Scrapbook

This is a lovely gift and very personal, so it’s suitable for a friend or relative of any age. If you do enjoy arts and crafts this might be an appealing option to you, as you can decorate the scrapbook anyway you want. Include old photographs of your grandparents both when they were younger and with more recent pictures of you all together. If you have access to any other items that are personal to them, like a letter, newspaper article, or similar keepsakes, put that into the book too. They will love to look back at all the memories, and they’ll be touched that you took the time to do this for them.

4. Brain Games

A fuzzy memory is common with senior citizens, and sadly sometimes this can be a symptom of something more serious. This is why it’s important to exercise your brain and challenge your mind, so gifting your grandparent’s things like puzzles, books full of crosswords, Sudokus, jumbles, and other activities that will engage their brains is a gift that will be fun but also good for them.

5. Christmas Hamper

If you’re still a bit stuck as to what to get your grandparent’s this year, why not create a Christmas hamper for them? You can fill it with some lovely chocolates, wine, or other liqueurs they might like (or some nice coffees or teas if they don’t drink). You can include some games like the ones listed above, clothing items, and whatever else you think they’d enjoy.

Make sure you show your grandparent’s some love this festive season and use the list above for some inspiration on what to get them as a gift.

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