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F1 2021 Game: What Features Have Been Made Available & What To Expect

by Louise W. Rice

Gaming fans and motorsport enthusiasts will have been delighted with the early preview that the latest installment of the F1 Gaming series has provided them with thus far.

F1 2021 is slated for a release in the summer, with gamers able to see what developers Codemasters and Electronic Arts (EA) are able to bring to the table in their first game together. It is also the first next-gen game that will be made available on both PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S consoles, therefore allowing even more gamers and motorsport fans to get involved with the action!

Of course, there will be plenty of anticipation regarding this upcoming release as the previous installment of the game series was well-received, whilst it will also be a game that many may look to play and use as an indicator when looking for the best F1 online odds as they navigate all of the F1 circuits with their favorite racing constructors and drivers.

F1 2020 had received scores of 7.7 based on users, whilst Metacritic had provided it with an overall 86, thus highlighting why there is such a buzz around what the upcoming F1 2021 game will provide.

Indeed, the game last year provided some brilliant features that helped it to achieve a solid status in the charts, with the introduction of being able to create their own teams and take part in a full F1 Grand Prix season with a teammate, an engine supplier and many other customizable features that can be found in a real Formula One race. But, of course, those that had played the game franchise before this installment will have already known that this was groundbreaking for the game, as it was something that had not been seen already.

Furthermore, it was not just the constructors that we’re able to be created. Still, players could create their own characters to use and race with whilst going up against a number of the best F1 drivers currently racing, such as Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and co.

However, with all those features to have been made available in the F1 2020 game, there will be many fans that will be wondering what more great features will have been provided in the upcoming title, and it seems Codemasters and EA have provided a rather telling glimpse that can be considered extremely exciting.

Flagship Feature

There is always going to be one update to a game that will be considered the main one – the ‘flagship feature’ – and the developers do not appear to have let the expectant fanbase down with what they have implemented in this F1 2021 game.

The feature is a new story mode that has been named “Braking Point”. It will take players on what has been described as an “epic journey” as they look to start their way from the lowly levels of Formula 2 before trying to establish themselves in Formula 1 before eventually trying to become the World Champion.

It has also been revealed that the mode will take a look at everything that the world of F1 has to offer, whether it be on track or the rivalry and events that happen away from it.

Career Mode

Naturally, Career Mode will make another return to the game, with the F1 2021 game featuring a new feature added to it.

A two-player option will allow players to race alongside friends online as either teammate and aim to take their constructor to the World Championship title or by going up against each other as rival teams.

MyTeam will also make a return, as will the two-player split-screen, whilst there will also be eSports qualifying events and the option for players to play shorter seasons, thus making the game available and accessible to all.

Next-Gen Consoles

Whilst there have only been a few features to have been announced regarding those available in F1 2021, we already know that the game will be available on next-gen consoles. Therefore we can expect certain things that have not been mentioned yet.

These will likely include things such as visuals and graphics, whilst loading times could be potentially shorter due to the technology that has been produced. Furthermore, a better overall gameplay experience should also be expected.

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