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Sleep Mask Benefits – Black It All Tonight

by Louise W. Rice

Are you having trouble falling asleep these days? Well,  worry not because a simple sleep mask can resolve all your problems!

A sleeping mask refers to an eye-shaped fabric mask worn at the time of sleeping.  Nowadays, there is a diversity of eye masks available. You can find yourself a silk eye mask, weighted eye mask, and even cooling gel ones are available. 

Below, we have walked you through the benefits of sleep masks in detail.  Continue reading to find out!

Improves Sleep Quality

Do you know why most of us cannot sleep with the lights on in our room? Well, it is because eyes have light-sensitive cells in the retina.

These light-sensitive cells help the brain identify whether it is day or night. So, when the light is on, eyes detect it, and the brain becomes activated. 

Light also reduces the sleeping hormones in our body, also called melatonin. Hence, making it impossible to fall asleep easily.

A sleeping mask dodges all these issues by creating absolute darkness around your eyes. The darkness makes your brain think it’s nighttime, increases melatonin levels and helps you sleep. People who wear sleep masks fall asleep more deeply and quickly than others. 

Enhances Skin

According to studies, skin cells tend to replicate and reproduce during the nighttime. Wearing a sleeping mask can assist with the process. By providing better comfort, it speeds up the skin’s recovery and enhancement mechanism.

 Plus, some sleep masks, such as those crafted from silk material, have a soft and smooth feel against the skin.  Thus, regulating the body temperature and balancing skin moisture release.

Helps with Dry Eyes

At times, when the recirculated air of our centrally heated or cool homes blows directly into our eyes, we may develop dry eyes. When the recirculated air also contains dust and pet hair from our surroundings, the situation can get worse.

The situation is particularly a problem for people with Sleep Lagophthalmos. The ones who cannot close their eyes entirely as they drift off to sleep. Sleep mask helps them close their eyes and provides protection. Thus, also maintaining the lubrication that eyelids naturally offer. 

Portable & Travel-friendly

If you travel a lot, then sleep masks can help you fall asleep easily anywhere. 

Unlike other things, a sleep mask does not take up a lot of space in your luggage.  Nor does it weigh a lot. These sleep masks are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. So, you can take them on every travel and trip. 

Cheaper Alternative to Others

 A lot of people with sleep issues rely on medications and plans to get them through most of the nights. But, over time, this can be pretty expensive.

Once medications finish, you will have to invest again and again to maintain the results. Similarly, an expert recommended exercise or meditation plan will involve continuous money loss as you visit experts for consultations and check-ups.

In comparison, a sleep mask requires a small initial investment. These fabric masks last a long time when managed with care.

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