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Dubai Creek Harbor Is A Residential Area With Apartments And Penthouses Near The Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve

by Louise W. Rice

The famous Dubai Creek Harbor is located 10 minutes from Dubai Downtown. Its location is the shore of the historic Dubai Creek. Being a pioneer of an integrated life, the project is a perfect combination of dynamic experience, innovation, and iconic design. Property in Dubai Creek Harbor is a successful combination of world-class homes and eclectic culture, complemented by excellent transport links.

The complex will also have a water club with promenades, retail outlets, and cafés. Each of the nine districts of this modern community offers a special lifestyle, so it meets the needs of various people, whether they are looking for an environment to raise their children or a bright creative scene to become a professional.

The main thing about the community

  • Creek is the nearest metro station.
  • Swiss International Science is the nearest school.
  • Dubai International Airport is an 18-minute drive away.
  • Jalil is the nearest hospital.
  • The community is full of vibrant life.

Dubai Creek Harbor

The complex promises its residents and guests a peaceful life next to water and nature. World-class residences, impressive cultural offerings, shops, public amenities, offices, state-of-the-art sports complexes and lush gardens are the key features of this project with a new vision of Dubai. The cost of local real estate is lower than in Downtown Dubai, not yielding to the latter in glamour.

These residential projects will become part of the community: Creek Gate, Harbor Gate, Dubai Creek Residences, Creekside 18, Harbor Views, and others.

Lifestyle in the community

Meeting the needs of residents, the creators have thought out stylish boutiques, cafés, and restaurants in the community. These include The Terrace, which serves early breakfast and brunch, as well as outdoor tables overlooking the natural territory of Ras Al Khor.

Moreover, Dubai’s designer district is close to the community with many eateries, entertainment venues, and shops.

The Shrine of Ras Al Khor

Over 620 hectares of the Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve are located at the mouth of Dubai Bay. It is one of the few protected urban areas in the world, home to about 450 species of fauna. The reserve offers people to watch birds. There are three special shelters in strategically important locations for visitors to get a closer look at the birds.

Quiet life away from the city

Dubai Creek Harbor is a vibrant and dynamic community. Dubai Creek Harbor, located in the heart of the emirate, is not the place for those looking for a villa to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nevertheless, the tranquility and dynamics are well-balanced here, so the area is in great demand among families who are interested in a convenient location and walking in crowded places.

Creek Tower

The centerpiece of this complex is Dubai Creek Harbor, a 928-meter-high structure that is 100 meters taller than Burj Khalifa. The unique timeless building will be a mixture of nature and art, which is realized through advanced technologies and ambitions.

The community consists of residential towers that offer stunning views of parks and pristine waterways. 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom apartments and penthouses are put up for sale. They are equipped with the best amenities to provide residents with a high-class and comfortable life.

Examples of apartments and prices in Dubai Creek Harbor

  • A luxury 2-bedroom apartment overlooking the bay in Dubai Creek Harbor costs AED 2,132,888;
  • The price for a large luxury 3-bedroom apartment is AED 2,587,888;
  • The price for a stunning 4-bedroom penthouse on the top floor is on request.

Installments from the developer

Emaar offers the following payment plans for investors:

  • 20% for the first payment on the day of purchase.
  • 20% for the second payment.
  • 20% for the third payment.
  • 20% for the fourth payment.
  • 20% upon completion of construction and delivery of the project.

Project location

Dubai Creek Harbor has become part of the main community of The Lagoons on Ras Al Khor Street, from where visitors begin their journey through the Ras Al Khor Nature Park. It is only 10 minutes by car from Downtown Dubai.

If you want to get an idea of what this area will be like, visit the “RISE Dubai Creek Harbor” embankment. Rise works for its visitors throughout the year, and eateries and various events are open only in winter. However, Rise cannot be reached by bus or metro, so it is best to take a car or taxi.

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