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Vital Things You May Forget When Purchasing Real Estate in Dubai

by Louise W. Rice

The UAE today is on the list of leaders among countries with a favorable investment climate. Their main advantages are political stability, well-thought-out logistics, modern infrastructure, and legislation that allows you to do business without unnecessary bureaucracy and an unbearable tax burden. Dubai is the largest city in the UAE, which gathers on its land successful businessmen, ambitious professionals, and tourists from all over the world.

And everyone needs to live somewhere, so construction has not stopped here for many years, and investors are profitably investing their money in real estate. Researching prices property in Akoya Oxygen, Emaar Beachfront, or Arabian Ranches can become your starting point toward owning real estate in Dubai. How to choose the right investment property? What do you have to, besides the beautiful views from the window, pay attention to? These are the questions that we will try to answer in this article.

Should apartments in the construction stage be invested in?

It is most profitable to buy an apartment at the stage of excavation from the developer. The developer is interested in a quick payback of the project, so he seeks to attract a buyer with a lower price.

In addition, there is also the possibility of partial payment. The construction plan includes several stages and may provide for a partial investment of money in each of them, and not require the payment of the entire amount at once. Usually, the down payment is 10% of the contract value. Thanks to this, you can make an excellent investment with small initial capital.

The state protects investors from delays in the delivery of property, fraudulent activities, or speculation at the legislative level. The risks are zero when a client buys from leading and reputed developers who have a good track record in the real estate market.

In the secondary market, the owner resells the apartment at a profit, which is much more expensive. Also in the secondary market, if the owner bought an apartment in installments when reselling such a property, the client who buys it continues to pay the installment plan to the developer.

How to choose a property for permanent residence in Dubai?

Real estate for permanent residence is selected based on the convenience, budget, and personal preferences of the owner, and not on the basis of market indicators. Investment properties, on the contrary, are acquired for the purpose of making a profit.

Each district of ​​Dubai is special in its own way, and the choice depends on the preferences and budget of the client.

1. City center

  • Downtown is a business center with a well-developed infrastructure. This is a place where many offices of large companies are concentrated. At the same time, the beach is close, and there is a tourist area.
  • Business Bay is also famous as a place where large business deals are made and big companies live. Mostly commercial real estate here, but there are also premium residential complexes.

2. Quiet family area

  • Dubai Hills is an area that has hidden from the noise of the metropolis in the middle of parks and residential buildings. Here you can buy both budget apartments and luxury villas and townhouses.
  • Mudon is a closed residential area that will suit those who prefer to live not in the middle of skyscrapers, but in low-rise buildings. It is located at the intersection of two important roads – Emirates Road and Al Qudra Road, making it very convenient to get to other parts of the city.
  • Arabian Ranches is a suburban area that consists of villas and townhouses. It is very quiet here and there is a lot of greenery.

3. Beach

  • Dubai Marina is an area for wealthy people, which is famous for its skyscrapers, luxurious waterfront, and developed infrastructure.
  • Emaar Beach Front actually continues Dubai Marina. Expensive ships moor here, and everything you need for life is within walking distance. Proximity to the beach, the presence of numerous shopping and entertainment centers, and convenient transportation attract many tourists.
  • Palm Jumeirah is a unique area that was built on an artificially created island in the form of a palm tree. Villas are located on their “leaves”, and each has its own access to the sea. Here you can also buy apartments, townhouses, penthouses and even land. This is a place that must be seen at least once. It attracts wealthy tenants who can afford luxury real estate.
  • Port De La Mer. Low-rise buildings, seaside living and a special atmosphere make this area attractive for both short-term and long-term tenants.
  • City ​​walk. An area that tourists love for its large number of shops, restaurants, entertainment centers and attractions. This is an ideal place if you like walking and shopping.

Areas for expats to purchase real estate in Dubai

For foreigners, more comfortable areas are Downtown, Palm Jumeirah, and City Walk. No less popular are the following areas: Dubai Marina, Emaar Beachfront, and Arabian Ranches. It also depends on the developer and preferences.

Omniyat, Sobha, Emaar, and Meeras are high-quality developers in terms of price-quality ratio and standard of living.

Real estate agency in Dubai

There are many real estate institutions in Dubai, and Ax Capital real estate agency is one of them. Guided by significant experience in the market, it strives to ensure that buying real estate with their participation is really profitable and convenient.

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