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Be a Game-Changer With Well-Thought off Baby Shower Gifts

by Louise W. Rice

A baby shower is just one of the many celebrations dedicated to a baby. It’s a gift-giving party wherein loved-ones shower the expectant parents with gifts for the baby or to help the parents ease into their new role.

Nowadays, baby showers are typically done alongside gender reveal parties, where family and friends gather to know if the baby is a boy or girl.

Traditions are ever-changing, but regardless of how they will evolve in the future, a baby shower will always remain as one of the best practices to welcome a baby.

Suggested baby shower gifts

Drawers with changer

A drawer with a changer is a very useful baby shower gift- albeit a bit pricy. However, it definitely serves its purpose well, being a storage for the baby’s clothes and at the same time, a surface where the parent can easily change their nappies.

Instead of going back and forth from the bed to the drawer, it’s best to have everything within reach, especially for a first-time parent.

Dragons of Walton Street carries very fancy drawers with changers adorned with hand-painted artwork that will not only be very useful but can also become a major statement in a baby’s room.

Baby bath support

Bathing the baby for the first time after being discharged from the hospital can easily be a top contender in a first-time parent’s most nerve-wracking moments.

There’s just something about holding the baby while you bathe them while trying to not slosh as much water to their face as possible that makes this such a scary task.

Help alleviate a parent’s worry by gifting them a baby bath support! It will not only help in bathing the baby faster, it also provides comfortable and safe support for the little one.

Breast-pump storage kit

The thing with baby showers is that it’s just not about the baby- mom needs a lot of love and pampering too!

After all, she’s the one who lovingly carried her little one inside her womb for months! She deserves to get as much help as she possibly can once the baby is born.

One way to do this is to give her baby shower gifts that help in her mommy duties, like a breast-pump storage kit.

Anything with alphabets

Start them young by exposing them to the basics. And no, we don’t mean huge alphabet charts; go for dainty pieces that can be hung on the walls or put on shelves.

Babies take a bit of time to be able to see clearly; it’s best to make sure that when they finally do, they’ll be greeted by attractive pieces to stimulate their eyes. This baby shower gift idea can definitely be that!

A welcome baby kit

Babies can come at any time when they’re near due( believe us, they can get really excited), so it would absolutely help expectant parents to have an easy-to-grab kit filled with baby necessities anytime they decide it’s time to pop.

This thoughtful set is surely a nice welcome gift to the lovely bundle of joy!

Final thoughts

If you’re looking to spoil a loved one’s baby, a luxury shop like The Dragons of Walton Street can provide you with a wide range of products to suit a baby’s every need.

Best of all, they make bespoke hand-painted products that will make any mom happy upon receiving them.

Celebrate a child’s birth with lovely pieces to decor the nursery.

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