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8 Practical Tips to Survive Your First Year at University in The UK

by Louise W. Rice

The transition from high school to university is a major one. Starting university is exciting, overwhelming, nerve-wracking, and inspiring all at the same time.

And while it’s perfectly normal to have some first-year jitters, it’s also crucial to prepare for the experience as much as possible.

So, we’ve listed some practical tips to help you survive your first year.

1. Get Organized

From the moment you’ve chosen your university course after looking into the best universities in the UK, it’s critical to start getting organized. Tertiary education is vastly different from high school, the workload is heavier, and the pace is a lot faster. Unfortunately, if you’re not organized, you’ll quickly fall behind the other students.

2. Pro Budgeting Is Essential

Student life is often described as living on a shoestring budget, eating instant noodles, juggling several side hustles or a part-time job, and sharing the tiniest apartment with an obviously annoying roommate. However, it really doesn’t have to be this way; if you start learning to budget early on, you’ll be able to afford a healthy diet and a few luxuries. However, you might still get stuck with an annoying roommate.

3. Study First

Students are also infamous for endless partying. But if you fall into this elusive lifestyle in your first year, you won’t make it to the next.

It’s essential to prioritize your studies above any social events. Even though you should still allow yourself some time out to enjoy the party life, your education is the main priority.

4. Make Friends

There are tons of ways to make friends in university, from joining sororities to taking part in campus events. You can also make friends by finding study groups. But whichever way you choose to mingle, it’s essential that you do because your friends will help get you through your first year.

5. Take Full Advantage Of Available Resources

Universities are home to a variety of resources, from libraries and canteen areas to study rooms and so much more. Take full advantage of these resources to make your first year easier. Remember, resources are made available for this exact reason.

6. Pay Attention

Paying attention during lectures will make studying later a lot easier. Instead of missing classes simply because you can, make sure you’re always in class on time, ready to absorb all the vital information thrown at you for the hour.

7. Use Tools To Study

There are tons of study tools that can help you get through the year as well, from note-taking apps and recording apps to time management apps and everything in between. Use technology to your advantage to make learning easier.

8. Stay Calm, And Don’t Give Up!

Students in their first year often experience anxiety, depression, and even feelings of homesickness. It’s understandable to feel a bit off from time to time, although it’s essential not to give up.

Even if you feel you are falling behind or not doing as well as you thought you would keep in mind the first year in university is likely the hardest. So, stay calm and remember, it’s all downhill from here.

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