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8 Points Highlighting The Importance Of Utilising The Online Examination Systems

by Louise W. Rice

Online examination systems are gaining a lot of importance nowadays because of the immense number of advantages. Now the examination advancements are expanding far and wide very easily, and education is no more limited to the four walls of a classroom along with a whiteboard and several other kinds of things.

With the advancement in technology, everything is now accessible to the students’ fingertips, which is why implementing an online examination system is very important so that several kinds of procedures can be streamlined. Paper-based examinations can be eliminated from the whole process. Following are some of the top-notch reasons why the organizations must indulge in the implementation of these kinds of systems into day-to-day operations:

1. There will be a high level of security of examination paper

The online examination software will always provide a high level of flexibility and security to the examination process, which will further ensure that systems will be able to shuffle and give questions in a different order to different students, which will minimize the chances of cheating. However, this will further ensure that paper will not be printed for every student who will further avoid all the malpractices in the whole process very easy. In this way, the possibility of getting the paper leak will be eliminated from the whole process, and risk will also be mitigated perfectly.

2. It will come with the rapid processing of the results

One of the most important advantages, why these particular systems are very much popular in the whole world, is the accuracy and instant result processing element associated with them. Under the paper-based examination, multiple steps included the resulting to come out after many days, which included a lot of time and made the whole process very prone to human errors. Hence, it is very much important for the organization to indulge in these kinds of online systems so that overall goals are easily and efficiently achieved.

3. The organizations can very easily get rid of the examination centres concept

Under the online examination system, there is no need of indulging in preparing or arranging for different kinds of examination centres so that candidates can appear into the exam, and the best part is that candidates can appear into the examination at the comfort of their home place with the usage of the web camera and microphone. One such great method is known as remote proctoring. Under this particular concept, there will be no geographical constraint in the whole process, and there will be no need to spend money on accommodation and travel-related things. Hence, the problem-solving skills will be perfectly present in the whole process, allowing the concerned people to schedule the examinations very well and ensure that they will be a high level of security in the whole system.

4. The logistical costs will be significantly reduced

One of the most important advantages of the whole process is that logistic cost will be minimum, which will further make sure those examination procedures will be handled and managed out with proper technology. This particular concept is highly beneficial whenever organizations look to examine multiple candidates at different locations very easily. The result processing will be done instantly, which will further ensure that logistic costs will be significantly limited. Hence, there will be no need to indulge in transportation systems like collecting back the answer sheets from a central location, and there will be no issue in the whole process.

5. The advantages of compatibility can be insured

This particular system is very much compatible with both subjective as well as objective examinations, and the candidates simply need to write the answers in the simple English language. The best part is that candidates can also include various kinds of symbols and diagrams in the whole system, which will further make sure that these kinds of examinations can be easily measured with different kinds of facilities, for example, speech to text, uploading of diagrams, answer related to exam questions, examiner evaluation selective answers and several other kinds of things very easily. Also, the checking of examinations will be done instantly and automatically, which will further reduce the administrative burden on behalf of teachers and proctors.

6. The examination cost will be reduced

With this particular concept, organizations will further make sure that examination costs will be significantly reduced because paper-based examinations are nearly costing the organizations about $5.352 per student. Still, the online examination cases, because of the flexibility and convenience this particular examination will cost the organization is approximately $0.669 per student. Hence, the whole concept has become much more affordable than before, and this is considered the most feasible choice of the conducted examinations for the organizations.

7. The supervision will be carried out perfectly

These systems can be perfectly managed with the help of auto surveillance mode systems where everything will be checked out with the help of a Web camera and mike and will make sure that cost and time efficiency will be present in the whole process. In this way, the students will further ensure that appearing for the examination will become very easy and the organizations will have a proper track record of every student appearing into the nation, which is the main reason that the whole process of hiring the invigilators will be eliminated from the whole system.

8. There is a level of flexibility of time management

One of the most important advantages associated with the flexibility of time management is that evaluation, grading, and several other kinds of things can be done with complete convenience. Under the traditional examinations, there was no flexibility, and last-minute corrections were even not possible.

Hence, implementing the whole comprehensive concept of the online examination system should be based upon all the above-mentioned tips so that multiple advantages can be very easily availed.

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