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The 5 Things Any New Bar Needs To Succeed

by Louise W. Rice

It’s difficult to open a bar. It takes a lot of hard work to succeed, particularly during these times. Yet still, every year, thousands of new venues crop up across the country, all trying to make themselves you’re new local.

But what does it take to make a new bar succeed? Well, a whole host of things, but these five top tips will certainly help you get started.

Friendly Staff

Naturally, that starts by hiring the right people. They say first impressions are key, and a large part of that comes from the people who are on the front line serving.

If that’s yourself, then it’s important to make a conscious effort to be as personable as possible, engaging with new customers and not only making them feel welcome but get to know them too. Having friendly staff lifts the atmosphere of a place considerably, they also know how to treat conflict customers. And if you’re doing that right from the off, then it’s a recipe for success.

A Healthy Social Following

You can do plenty of preparation before even opening your doors these days. Using the local press and more importantly, social media can help build a buzz around your bar ahead of opening night, and encourage more people to come down.

Your social media account should correlate with your venue, with the same tone of voice vibrancy, giving followers a little taste of the atmosphere before walking through the doors.

A Suave & Tidy Venue

Then there’s the venue itself. The bar set-up will largely dictate whether a punter makes it their new local or not. Again the layout should reflect the atmosphere and aim of the place. For example, if you’re looking for a European cafe culture vibe, then cafe tables and chairs are perhaps more suited. While, if you wanted to take inspiration from the traditional Irish bars, then you’d look more towards booths and leather chairs.

More importantly, than ever, space is now important, and you don’t want a place to look overcrowded if it isn’t, as it will see people turn around and find somewhere else.


Of course, every bar needs a USP, whether it be something completely unique or just new and fresh to a particular area. Think about what will make you stand out from the crowd and make people ditch their old joint for you.

If you’re a sports bar, are you specializing in one sport or one team? If you’re a foodie venue, what are you doing that elevates your produce above elsewhere?

Quality Beverages

Then it all comes down to the quality beverages. Choosing the right selection of beers and drinks is key. You need quality across the board and be able to cater to all needs and all budgets.

A carefully considered drinks menu will ensure people return again and again, rather than the obligatory pint and leave for good. Consider the area and the demographics within it. This can normally be highly intuitive when it comes to selecting the right drinks.

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