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8 Excellent Ways To Promote Your Restaurant With Facebook Marketing

by Louise W. Rice

It does not matter whether you are an owner of a fine dining restaurant or a coffee shop; Facebook is a great way to endorse your business. Facebook has more than 2.8 billion users with several active foodies who love to follow and engage with their preferred restaurants. 

The Facebook platform is one of the most thoughtful ways to reach these users with free business pages and reduced advertising costs. Several Facebook marketing tactics can help you raise alertness, engage with clients, and, most significantly, drive foot traffic to your business. 

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Here are a few ways you can promote your restaurant with the help of Facebook.

1. Create an engaging Facebook Business Page

This is the first step in the Facebook marketing tactic. Creating an attractive Facebook business page will enable you to develop a follower base on the Facebook platform. Write an informative and exciting description of your business and choose a fascinating cover photo that will draw Facebook users’ attention. Ensure that you are using Facebook’s latest size suggestions for your cover photo and that you check the image on various devices. Complete all the relevant sections of your Facebook Business Page to provide adequate information for the followers. Do not forget to add a call-to-action button on the page.

2. Create cravings through convincing images and videos

The simplest and quickest way of enticing customers to your restaurant is by creating alertness about the products and services you offer using video editors like InVideo or live videos and quality pictures. Facebook comes with an image editor that enables you to add text and stickers and crop photos. This feature allows you to design customized restaurant memes that make customers stay motivated and engaged.

Use Facebook Live to share and stream live videos with your followers. Think about sharing live stream videos displaying your restaurant layout and stunning furniture. You can also include live streams and cooking demonstrations of chefs making some signature dishes. But make sure that the image and video formats are compatible with cell phones as most users are likely to visit your website using mobiles. Choose the food pictures that are appealing enough.

3. Add your restaurant menu

Provide your guests with the restaurant menu on the Facebook page. Such menus make it simple for your guests to go through your menu items and prices over the phone to make their food ordering process more straightforward. Usually, when using the Facebook plugin to add a menu, the menu appears at the bottom of your Facebook page. But the most excellent part is, you can use the “pin to top” feature to keep your restaurant menu at the top of your Facebook page for improved visibility.

4. Get Facebook reviews

Reviews on your business profile offer proof where users can see how much others like your food and service. Go to settings and allow people to write reviews on Facebook. As reviews arrive, reply to them professionally. If the review is positive, thank them for being a customer and if not optimistic, consider your response carefully. Do not make excuses or blame the customers; instead, make the customers feel heard.

5. Leverage Facebook ads

Facebook ad ideas offer a fast means to generate traffic to the official Facebook page of the restaurant. These ad ideas are attractive enough to persuade your customers to click on them and be redirected to your website. Geo-tagging ads can prove quite beneficial for services restricted to a particular location. This helps to target a specific audience to generate traffic to your restaurant’s website. Fortunately, Facebook offers all these customization features.

6. Showcase Your Employees

Users on Facebook are voyeurs. They like to see what is going on out of sight at your restaurant. It makes them feel extraordinary and part of the in-crowd. Post snaps of your employees hard at work, or use your smartphone to create entertaining, fascinating videos with employee conversation.

7. Post content to enhance engagement

Posting content on the Facebook page of the restaurant is another productive way to develop your online presence and considerably endorse your restaurant. Avoid hard-to-read articles and seek to optimize your visual content to accommodate mobile users. Ensure that the content you share adds value to your viewers to enhance the chances of sharing the post. Such content comprises exciting facts regarding dishes at the restaurant and simple guides on preparing meals, among others. Proper timing of posting your content is vital to increase the chances of sharing the post.

8. Run Contests For Engagement

Successful Facebook marketing does not only mean selling. You have to offer people a reason to talk to you. Things such as “fill in the blank,” “caption this photo,” and “pop quiz” are great ways to spark a conversation with your target audience. Questions are a great marketing tool as they have the perspective to spark conversations instantly. People want to answer questions naturally, which is one of the most excellent ways to get people to reply to your posts.


These are some fantastic Facebook marketing ideas that you can follow. If you want to implement these Facebook marketing ideas, you should be present on Facebook daily, if possible. Facebook is an in-the-moment social network, so if a customer shares or comments on your post or asks you a question, you should reply promptly. Keep someone responsible for managing Facebook marketing so that it is taken care of always. Prepare a marketing plan for Facebook by planning your posts and marketing ideas. Remember that interaction and consistency are vital to make Facebook marketing work for your restaurant.

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