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7 Exciting Games That Help You Learn

by Louise W. Rice

The idea of hosting interactive educational activities emerged after a generation of students identified how boring some classes can be. When the same generation became the pillars of the education system, we started seeing experiments in learning and teaching methods.

Students understand the concepts easily and retain them for a long time when taught through one of these innovative approaches. Nowadays, students can easily opt for a Domyessay.com service to make time for learning new things.

Educational games are also a part of such innovations. When students learn while playing, they enjoy studying. This eventually benefits them, enhancing the practicality of alternative ways of knowledge gaining.

If you are willing to take your learning to the next level, try playing these games and enjoy your studies like never before.


We know how much you love playing games online. Why not let your screen time increase your understanding of Algebra without eliminating the fun part?

To change the way Algebra is taught in schools, math teacher Jean-Baptiste Huynh came up with an idea to create a tool that will secretly teach the subject to students.

The game leads you from one concept to another. The newer games like DragonBox Numbers and DragonBox Big Numbers focus on the evolution in terms of deeper absorption of the concepts and longer duration of the engaging activities.

Civilization Revolution

Civilization and historical revolutions may be hard to understand and remember for many students because these subjects usually make us feel sleepy. To learn all about civilization the fun way, you can tune in to the game called Civilization Revolution. And you can learn history by playing the game.

The Civilization Revolution teaches you all about popular societies of history by letting you create a civilization of your own. You come across uncivilized villages, and you have a settler that can found a city, begin cultivation, production, and infrastructure development based on the geographical characteristics of the land.

Further in the game, you get to explore more profound characteristics of civilization such as technological revolutions, formation of military units, trade and alliances with neighboring cities, etc.


If you are looking for fun ways to learn a new language, you can leverage apps like MindSnacks. The idea behind this tool was to make teaching different languages more effective and interesting.

MindSnacks encompasses 6 different games. This education app allows you to learn 13 languages and SAT vocab. The games teach you essential vocabulary, reading, comprehension, and conversational skills.

There are 50 levels in each game, one tougher than the previous. You have to complete amazing challenges and unlock new challenges.


SimCity is an amazing open-ended building game that is designed keeping in mind all those who like some exclusive brain exercise in their daily dose. The game’s salient features are its educational properties, productivity, and the way it combines seriousness with enjoyment.

Its ‘edu’ version focuses on classroom learning activities related to science, technology, and engineering. The players have to build virtual cities, plan urban infrastructure, and urban management. This game enhances their analysis and critical thinking.

This game also requires its players to decide taxes, budget, and social policy along with developing roads, hospitals, schools, parks, fire stations, etc., at appropriate locations.

Mindblown Life

It is crucial for students to learn financial planning along with other educational skills at an early age. No matter if you are a teen or even a college student. It is never late to learn all about how to adjust your finances. It is important to know how to meet your budget requirements before you jump into the real world.

This game allows you to navigate through a series of life-stimulating tasks and adventures while you play it with your friends. A virtual budget is assigned to you at the beginning. You have to maintain your work and life, trying not to go bankrupt.

The game teaches you essential financial skills and how spending mindlessly may cause you trouble in the long run.

Math Ninja

For kids and even teens, who want to improve their skills and speed at calculation, can try the game called Math Ninja. As the name suggests, this game allows you to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and other mathematics concepts through interesting graphics and levels.

The repetitions of the problems and enjoyable approaches allow students to learn the techniques easily. Mathematics is no longer a tedious subject with such addictive and productive games.


Puzzles have always topped the list of brainstorming games. The player has to solve emergent puzzles through multiple solutions. It requires the player to control a character named Maxwell. To complete each level, Maxwell would call different objects, which can be summoned with a tap on the screen or directly on the object or by writing the object’s name on the screen.

The player develops vocabulary and learns spellings. The game also challenges their creativity and logic to solve problems in imaginary scenarios.


The gaming industry has evolved and is not only limited to enjoyable screen time. It now rather focuses on deriving the best use of screen time with games that challenge one’s capabilities. Such games help to develop different skill sets in the players. You can also try to explore the gaming horizon to find more games like these and enjoy learning.

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