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What are Karmic Partners?

by Louise W. Rice

Karmic partners are a different type of soulmate relationship. This person usually comes into your life from a past life to finish a karmic cycle, so this could be to continue a lesson, write a wrong or fulfill a promise. Therefore, when you meet a karmic partner, you feel like you’ve definitely met before and felt this instant pull towards them or instant connection.

They are in our lives to help us grow and develop further as a person. Therefore, unlike a soulmate relationship, karmic relationships are not necessarily a smooth journey but usually difficult, which teaches you lessons along the way. They can be considered guides or teachers, so it doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic relationship.

Karmic partners might also come in and out of your life, making you feel like you never truly connect with that individual. But, they are only meant to be in your life temporarily, as karmic relationships often turn sour. Heather, from PsychicToday, explains that towards the end of a karmic relationship, you start to feel empty around them, which shows your souls have completed the karmic cycle and completed what they have needed too. This shows you are ready to start your new journey!

How is this different from soulmates?

Soulmates can be both romantic and platonic. Unlike what is commonly perceived, we might have many soulmates in our lifetime, and these don’t necessarily have to last for our entire lives. Some soulmates come into our lives to prepare us for an upcoming life partner.

When we find our romantic soulmate, it will make us feel at ease and totally comfortable. This is because we are completely compatible with them. We will also feel balanced, as we usually find strengths in soulmates that are our weaknesses and vice versa. We also will notice many similarities in the partner, either in life experiences, childhood upbringing, and likes and dislikes. Sometimes, we will even look similar to our soulmates, but we are very different to offer this harmonious balance at the core.

So, what’s a twin flame then?

Twin flames are much rarer to come by in your lifetime, plus you might not even have one. It is believed that in a previous lifetime, your soul split, and you’re now born into two different new bodies, so this doesn’t happen to everyone. Your twin flame is literally the same soul, just a separate body, causing them to be described as “your perfect mirror” or “other half”.

By being able to look at a mirror image of yourself, you are able to truly embrace and love who you are – by seeing all parts of yourself. Through this other person, you can see your deepest insecurities and fears, which help you overcome them. Therefore, meeting your twin flame leaves you feeling enlightened, but it is often a rollercoaster relationship.

Their purpose is to meet in unconditional love, teaching one another to love each other and thus themselves unconditionally. They teach each other independence. Unlike a soulmate who feels like they complete you, a twin flame teaches you to complete yourself. A clear sign if you have met your twin flame if you feel deeply connected empathically, energetically, and telepathically – which means even if you have an impassioned fight, you will always come back to one another.

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