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6 Things Women Want In Their Men

by Louise W. Rice

Needless to say, the title is a bit of a generalization. Every single woman has a specific idea about what she wants in a partner. Sometimes, the criteria are a little bit shallow and in other situations, the preferences revolve around important qualities.

One thing is certain. However – every single lady is seeking respect, support, and a deep connection.

Often, we carry a lot of emotional baggage that clouds our judgments or sets unrealistic expectations. Still, knowing what desirable partner qualities are will reduce the risk of serious disappointments down the line.

So, what are some of the most important things that women want in their men? The following list will examine some of the key characteristics.

In Touch with One’s Emotions

Rarely do parents raise boys who are in touch with their emotions. There is still an outdated and dangerous notion of masculinity that’s around and pretty much alive and kicking.

Men are expected to act in a manly way. This means never showing emotions and taking everything in life stoically. Real men don’t cry. They never appear vulnerable, sad, or afraid.

This notion is destructive to both men and women. Bottling up emotions can have profoundly negative effects on one’s mental wellbeing. In addition, trying to keep emotional responses under check can prevent the formation of deep bonds in a relationship.

A man can be masculine and strong while also revealing vulnerability in front of a partner. Most women embrace this balance, and they are looking for a partner who is in touch with his feelings. Human beings are often in a state of mental turmoil, and that’s ok. Acknowledging feelings and expressing those in a healthy manner helps to feel happier, more connected to others and at peace with life’s difficulties.

Viewing a Partner as an Equal

Gone are the days when men used to make money, and women stayed at home taking care of the family.

Most women today want a partner who views them as equal.

This means forgetting about gender roles and the stereotypes that dictated the behavior of our parents and grandparents.

A strong man should be proud of his partner’s accomplishments. He is not threatened by her career or by the fact that she could be making more money. A strong man is ready to cook dinner or handle the household chores whenever she’s busy. There is no gendered division of such responsibilities because two partners take on the same challenges in life.

While some women still like old-school allocation of responsibilities, most ladies would prefer modern and novel dynamics in a relationship. It’s about time for guys to accept these changing realities and make the most of what contemporary life has to offer.

Sexual Openness

Toxic masculinity still has a profoundly negative effect on how some men view and express their sexuality.

A straight guy is typically expected to take charge of a sexual relationship. To put it in casual terms – he is the one who should make the first move and who should “take care” of his partner in the bedroom.

Just like responsibilities are becoming diversified and non-gendered, sex is also beginning to change for the better.

It’s a well-known fact that most women are as sexual as their partners. In addition, some ladies enjoy being in charge and frequently acting as the dominant party in a sexual relationship. That’s ok, and it can be a lot of fun, as long as all activities involve lots of respect and the consent of both parties involved.

A guy being vulnerable in the bedroom can be a huge turn-on. The same applies to a man who is willing to explore his sexuality beyond the boundaries of what’s considered “normal” in a straight relationship.

Letting her control during the encounter is one example of changing things up. You don’t have to get used to a pegging strap on. In fact, you can start with something as little as a butt vibrator. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the different material options, price points, and functions, which are nicely summarized on this page.  

Acknowledgment of One’s Weaknesses

A man who knows his weaknesses and is willing to work on those will usually be perceived as a desirable partner.

The stoic and toxic nature of masculinity today deprives many guys of the opportunity to recognize their faults.

After all, guys are supposed to know everything, be capable of fixing everything and have ever-lasting psychological strength.

Denying weaknesses, however, can only aggravate issues with a partner.

Every human being has flaws. Instead of sweeping those under the carpet, however, a mature guy should be willing and open to accept constructive criticism. This isn’t weakness. In fact, having enough self-awareness demonstrates a lot of strength.

Most women want a man who can acknowledge his faults, accept those and work towards becoming a better version of himself. Such awareness usually comes with maturity and experience – two highly desirable characteristics.

Moral Integrity and Values

Values and morals vary from one person to another. What matters is having firm beliefs and being willing to stand up for what’s personally important.

Most people seek moral integrity from their partners. Both women and men need to have well-defined beliefs about personal goals, plans for the future, spirituality, family values and the characteristics that make up a good human being.

Women usually seek someone who is confident in their convictions and who is going to stand up for what they believe in. Moral ambiguity isn’t attractive. It’s not viewed as flexibility but rather – the absence of character and passion.

Moral integrity is usually expressed through open and honest communication, respect for others’ beliefs, effective boundary setting, and honesty at all costs.

Men who possess moral integrity will also take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming someone else’s consequences.


Having a supportive partner is one of the most important requirements for a healthy and satisfactory relationship.

Support has many faces. It doesn’t have to be financial or physical.

Being in a relationship automatically means supporting your partner. The support can come from backing her life goals, being there for her emotionally, providing your knowledge and input when being asked for feedback, and providing practical support when the situation calls for it.

Having someone to back you up is one of the most crucial perks of being in a relationship. In the absence of support, people will usually feel alone (no matter how long they’ve been with one and the same partner).

Women want a man who will quickly understand what matters the most to them and who will support the accomplishment of that goal. Once someone gets a good idea of what’s important to their partner, they should be capable of fully backing those goals, beliefs and values.

Being an amazing guy isn’t that difficult.

It all starts with maintaining goodness and kindness in your heart. Once you find someone you’re compatible with, you should be willing to further explore your character traits. Good communication and learning how your partner sees life will give you a good foundation. Based on that information, you can start working towards the establishment of a healthy relationship to make both of you feel equally fulfilled.

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