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Features To Look For In The Best Hoover Under £100

by Louise W. Rice

After a hard week’s work, you would also spend your weekends vacuuming your living space. However, the strenuous task can be less exhausting if you invest in the right vacuum cleaner.

It would be a winning deal if you could get all the required features in a hoover, which is within your budget. But when you think of the word “budget,” your fears of getting stuck with an inferior product is entirely legitimate.

The good news is, that’s not the case with vacuum cleaners. You can indeed find the best hoover under £100, without compromising on any of the features you need, to keep your dwelling clean and hygienic. Here are a few key elements you can look for in a low-priced hoover to make an informed decision.

A Lightweight Design

Whether your home is a commonhold or a large square foot dwelling, you would wish for a handy vacuum cleaner compact enough to carry around your house.

You will find lightweight models, weighing hardly 5kg, making it easy to move up and down anywhere in your living space.

On the other hand, some brands ensure this feature using a long cord, up to 17m. With this length, you can reach even the inaccessible places without the need to plug and unplug your vacuum cleaner as you move around the house.

Excellent Suction Power

When you look for a modest vacuum cleaner, you expect a high suction power, ensuring it picks up even the most minute dust and dirt particles.

Every best hoover under £100 will come with a multi-cyclonic technology that ensures the vacuum cleaner never loses any suction. Though you cannot have variable suction control, you get powerful suction capacity for a small budget that can help you clean even pet hair.

Also, a few inexpensive models come with bags that can store vast amounts of dirt; they don’t lose suction as they get full.

Long Stretch Hose and Cord

You could have a home with high ceilings or detailed interior decoration, making some parts of the rooms challenging to clean. In such scenarios, a less pricey hoover with some long hose and cord options make excellent choices to clean every nook and corner of your space hassle-free.

Few companies present an extra-long 3.6m hose, which works well for vacuuming stairs and reaching high walls. The long cords help you clean the floor under your furniture and the traffic lanes between them, challenging to clean otherwise.

A High-performance HEPA Filtration System

If you or your close ones have allergies, you would prefer affordable solutions to prevent blockages while clearing the air.

Experienced guides recommend going for a 4 stage HEPA filtration, as it thoroughly traps microparticles. The filter separates the unwanted specks from the air, providing your home interiors with a much cleaner atmosphere.

A High Dust Bin Capacity

The comfort factor is the prime reason you go for a vacuum cleaner in the first place when you plan to clean your dwelling.

A cheaper product does not mean you cannot experience the same comfort level as a high-price alternative. You will find top brands in lesser price ranges, providing larger dustbin capacity, up to 2L. It ensures you won’t need to empty the bin midway during cleaning. Some even present a 6-liter dust capacity, which is up to 5 times larger than most bagless vacuums.

Multi-purpose Attachments

Some of the tightest of corners in your house might demand special tools to keep them dirt-free.

Branded cost-effective Hoover models feature multi-purpose extensions, such as crevice, upholstery, and dusting tools. You will find them useful for carpet cleaning when you wish to get rid of hard bits of dirt and mess.

When your budget for a hoover is under £100, prioritize the features that would fit your cleaning requirements. Check with a specialist for the best hoover under £100 that’s affordable and presents all your desired attributes to help you keep your dwelling spotless, effortlessly.

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