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4 Fun Ideas For Creating Your Backyard Oasis

by Louise W. Rice

As we start a fresh new year, it’s quite common to set goals for yourself. These goals can relate to working, finances, and personal health. Perhaps one of your goals is to enjoy the outdoors more, and really treat yourself to some at-home rest and relaxation. One of the best ways to do that is to create your own backyard oasis that you can retreat to any time you like. It can also be perfect for entertaining friends and family. But how do you get started on the project?

We’ve gone ahead and put together four fun ideas that will make it possible to create your very own backyard oasis in 2021.

The Ultimate Relaxation Zone

The first thing to consider is a relaxation zone. A relaxation zone should have comfortable seating, offer shade, and be in a prime location of the backyard. Often people build patios or decks and then fill them with outdoor furniture like a stone bench.

When choosing the furniture, obviously you want to be mindful of budget, comfort, and the style, but you should also think about how many people you want to accommodate. If you’re the type that likes to entertain, then you need enough seating for all.

Include a Water Feature in the Plan

Another item that is popular when creating a backyard oasis is a water feature. This could be something simple like a small fountain that you plug in, re-circulating the water, a small pond (you can buy DIY pond kits), or something more substantial like a hot tub, a pool or wall fountains for your backyard. (check Discount Pool Supply for your pool kits).

Water features can add a calming atmosphere to the backyard – just the sound of water running can be soothing and relaxing. If you have a lot of backyard noise, then a fountain with bubbling water can be the perfect way to drown it out.

Large Backyard – Make Your Own Baseball Field

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of space in your backyard and you love the sport of baseball, why not create your own baseball field? It’s perfect for a game with your buddies, and if you have kids, it will be a dream come true for them to have their own backyard diamond to use any time they feel like it. Besides the chalk to map out the playing field and the bases, you really don’t need much else other than some players.

There is no need to let water ruin your day and drown your baseball diamond for those who happen to live in areas that are notorious for heavy rainfall. You can use a water removal tool that will help you clear the water, dry it out, and get your baseball diamondback in tip-top shape.

Use Greenery for Privacy

This final tip addresses the privacy issue of your backyard oasis. It’s hard to create a calming atmosphere if you have many neighbors peering into your yard. This is when you can look into using greenery for privacy. There are specific bushes, trees, and hedges that are perfect for creating a natural privacy screen. They tend to grow fast, are low maintenance, and create a lot of bulk if you will.

By including a little creativity in your backyard oasis plan, you’ll find you can plan something extraordinary that will not only appeal to you, but also to your guests. There’s a good chance your backyard will become your new favorite spot to spend time in.

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