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What You Should Know Before Buying A Weed Vaporizer

by Louise W. Rice

Besides smoking weed, there is a more elegant way to get high: vaping it, especially with a PAX 2 Vaporizer. Once you get over the rite of passage that comes with smoking a bad joint and coughing your lungs out or ascending to another dimension after one puff from a communal bong, a method that lets you get your high without the unnecessary consequences might just be what you are looking for. 

Enter the weed vaporizer. Without the raw, scratchy feeling in your throat that smoking is notorious for, taking a hit on a vaporizer feels like an elevated form of puffing on a cigarette. And the best part? There is no stench.

Two methods power this pocket-sized machine, but what they have in common is that they heat the dry herbs or concentrate inside just the right amount to trigger the effects of THC.

Conduction Heating

The first heating system uses conduction heating, where the cannabis is positioned close to the vape’s heating coils so that the weed will release its flavor more rapidly. To minimize the risk of burning the weed when heated for a prolonged period of time, just give the vape a little shake.

Convection Heating

The second heating system uses convection heating. While this pricier vape might be more elaborate of a set-up, people who gravitate towards dry herbs tend to opt for this just for vapor’s consistent richness. The heating element in the convection vape radiates air at a very high temperature throughout with every puff, but this means the vape will take a while to heat up before it is functional. Nowadays, many vapes can also be labeled as neither or both.

However, it is still necessary for you to heed a word of caution before exercising your right to choose. While using a vaporizer might be considered slightly less harmful than puffing smoke and destroying your lungs, making a weed vaporizer the lesser of two evils, it has its fair share of risks that you ought to be aware of. There has been evidence linking lung diseases and even deaths to vape products with THC, namely those bought from illegal or unauthorized sellers. You have been warned: Get your product from a source you trust since it is a literal matter of life and death. 

Because cannabis is still considered illegal in many places, finding information about the consequences of vaping is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Social equality in the cannabis industry is at the core of the legalization debate. The people who benefit from weed legalization are companies and investors that profit from it rather than, for example, people in the community who were unfairly jailed for non-violent drug offenses.

While you buy into consumerist self-pleasuring habits in acquiring your first fancy vaporizer, keep marginalized people in the cannabis industry at the back of your mind. Show your support by buying from companies that stand up for the aforementioned unfairly incarcerated people, contributing to minority communities with a smaller market share in the industry, or donating to movements that wage battles on unjustified, unequal police treatment of people of color.

On a higher note — pun fully intended, treat yourself to one of these 12 sleek weed vaporizers to transcend the crushing weight of existence.


Kandypens, Takes e-liquid, wax.

Avoid leaks and uneven charges with the modest Rubi. Even without temperature indications, the design of air circulation in this vape promises quick and even vapor emitted with each draw. 

G Pen Nova

Grenco Science, Takes wax.

A small but powerful vape, which looks just like an inconspicuous pen with LED lights. Besides toggling between three voltages for settings, there is an extended draw mode. Enjoy the full flavor of your weed with the ceramic atomizer for even heat. 

Clean Vaporizer

Airgraft, Takes oil.

A recent vape to hit the market, buying the pods that are compatible with the Airgraft lets you see how much THC and other chemicals you consume each hit. The device also heats up to an optimum temperature and features a child-proof locking system.

Pax Era Pro

Pax Labs, Takes oil.

A high-tech, intricately designed miniature vape, which comes with a smart sensor that tells the user information from who made the oil pod to what tests it has undergone through the Pax Android app. Comes with multiple heat settings and promises instant draw.

Starry V3

X-max, Takes dry herb.

The Starry V3, an upgrade from its predecessor, features a conduction chamber that heats up quickly, a better battery, and a mouthpiece while remaining easy to control.

APX Vape (v2)

Pulsar, Takes dry herb.

Boasting just 30 seconds to heat up the convection chamber, a long-lasting battery, and five intensity settings, the APX Vape combines function into an affordable stick. Suited for the thrifty users, or those making their first foray into weed vaping.

Solo 2

Arizer, Takes dry herb.

The first thing you notice on this contraption will be the protruding mouthpiece, which comes with two tube sizes for different kicks. The Solo 2 features a hybrid mechanism that heats the product in it fast and evenly. A digital screen shows you the session length, temperature range on the device, and more.

Launch Box

Magic Flight, Takes dry herb.

Standing out among plenty of sleek, glossy, dark-colored vaporizers available, the Launch Box’s rustic wooden aesthetic might be right up your alley. The vape heats up instantly and silently, but it might take a few tries before you perfect the technique to heat your weed up.

Firefly 2+

Firefly, Takes dry herb, wax.

The convection heating mechanism in the Firefly takes only three seconds to heat up and creates a unique heating and cooling cycle for each draw from it. You’ll be feeling like a million bucks puffing on this gadget.


Davinci, Takes dry herb.

Have you seen a more stylish conduction vape than one with an attention-grabbing LED light display on its body? But it’s as functional as it is classy; the zirconia pathway retains the richness of the vapor, so you get its full dimensions. It also comes with an app for users to toggle settings to perfection.

Pax 3 Complete Kit

The conduction-based Pax 3, from well-known Pax Labs, heats up in 15 seconds to power through a whole hour-and-a-half session. Comes with a full kit if you feel like collecting an inventory of accessories.


Storz & Bickel, Takes dry herb, wax.

The Mighty packs a strong dual conduction and convection system to produce an intense vapor that does not diminish with a 1.5h battery life. While it is a monster to carry around, it promises the best vapor quality money can buy. 


Even with plenty of vape options available, and the many factors to consider before committing to a vaporizer, the most important point to remember is to get your weed from a trustworthy source — getting the best vaporizer on the market will not help you if your product will do more harm than good for your body.

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