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Six Reasons Why Sour Candies Are Awesome

by Louise W. Rice

There are three types of people in the world, those who love sour candies, those who hate them, and those who don’t mind trying it once in a while.

In a world full of increasingly sweet food, sour candy stands out like a “sour thumb”. Sour candy is not everyone’s cup of tea. But let’s be honest, if you don’t like the thrill of sour candies, you must have mundane taste buds.

Safe to say that the often intimidating names for sour candies (toxic waste?!) scare most people off. This is why if you can’t get enough sour candies, they might find it concerning.

However, even if no one understands why you want to torture yourself, all the while ruining your teeth and consuming quite a bit of sugar, know that you aren’t alone. And if you are always grasping for reasons to not let go of this fascinating delight, we are here to give a few more to help you.

Live an Exciting Life

Some people only like to eat uncomplicated tasting food, like sweet and savory. People who don’t like exciting food, like spicy or sour treats don’t know how much flavor they are missing out on in life.

Eating sour candies expands your tastebuds. It adds more color to your palette and makes your boring life more alive, even if it is for only a few minutes.

Sour candies simply taste exciting. It is like fireworks going off inside your mouth, and once you get hooked, you can never get enough of them!

Add some excitement to your life and your taste palette. Try some of the best sour candy out there and you will not regret it.

You Find Them in Many Shapes & Forms

Sour candies come in so many forms that you can never grow tired of them. The secret of making sour candies is the powdery coating. Most people don’t realize that instead of the inner candy being sour, the tartness comes from the “sour sanding”, which is usually made from citric acid, malic acid, or some other acids that trigger the sour receptors on our tongues.

As the sour sanding adds the pucker power, this gives the candy manufacturers a vast window of creativity. You can find them in hard candies, soft candies, candies with soft centers, chewy candies, gummies, stretching strings or belts, etc.

Whatever shape or texture you can think of, you can find sour candy in that form, and this is why you will never grow tired of them.

Stay With Sour Candies & Get Stronger

As mentioned before, the sour sanding that gives your sour candy the pucker power is often made of citric acid. Citric acid helps you absorb calcium from your food.

As we all know, calcium is the magic mineral that strengthens our bones and teeth. So, the more sour candies you eat, the better your body will be at absorbing the calcium from the food enriched with that mineral. So they’re not entirely unhealthy to eat. But, of course, there is an ignorable downside. The candy that can help strengthen your teeth can also make them rot.

The concentrated amount of citric acid getting released in your mouth as you suck on your sour candy can decay your teeth faster. And, there is also the added disadvantage of high sugar content, another teeth-rotting culprit.

So kids(and adults!), always brush your teeth after eating candies, especially the sour kind, to avoid dental problems!

Eat Them For Your Health

Did you know that sour candies, like sour fruits, are great for fighting nausea? This is why some pregnant mothers keep some on their nightstands, so they can reach for one in the mornings to fight off morning sickness.

But, this isn’t where sour candy’s heroics end. Sour candies are also given to cancer patients during chemotherapy. Not only do they help to deal with nausea, but they also improve salivation.

Sour candy is no different from other sour food. Past research has shown that sour food helps our central nervous system release the well-known compound called serotonin, which boosts mood, appetite, libido, sleep, memory and even helps us stay happier!

There Are Healthier Versions

Some of you might be surprised to find that there are healthier versions of sour candies. For example, some sour gummies are made from actual fruit juice and fruit sugars instead of sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Having sour patches and warheads is great as kids, but as you get older, you must improvise, especially if you get daily cravings for these sour treats! Otherwise, you might just end up diabetic by the time you hit fifty.

You will find a wide range of sour candies in the healthier sector. Some examples are the sour belt, gummy edibles infused with CBD oil, vitamin or apple cider vinegar gummies, sugar-free variety, etc.

They may not have the same pucker power but they will get you through the day. But, you can always have the unhealthy type as a backup once or twice a week!

Sour Candies Bring Out The Best In Us

Ever had a sour candy battle in the playground as a child? Most kids do this even now to see who can keep one in their mount for the longest. Only a rare few have the capacity to handle sour food and enjoy eating it.

But, those who can hold off the longest, despite being bad at handling sour food, show that they have courage, patience, and perseverance. This is how sour candy helped bring out some of our best qualities and, of course, made us pretty cool at primary school.


Now that we gave you some more reasons to stand up for your sour candy addiction, don’t give up on your favorite treat. Pace your candy intake, having some once every few days, or switch to a healthier alternative. Also, never forget to brush after having them unless you want to lose teeth over candies!

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