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Buying a Used Car: Why Does Everyone Recommend Toyota?

by Louise W. Rice

Used vehicles can be almost as good as new and come at a fraction of the price. They are a great option to consider, check out Vins Auto Group if you are on a tight budget with great deals. When it comes to choosing a make and model, most people advise checking out Toyotas on the dealership lot first. 

While a new Toyota is always a great purchase, there is a lot of sense in buying an affordable, reliable Toyota that has seen some use. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for choosing a used Toyota.

A used Toyota saves you money

Sadly, new cars are awful investments. They depreciate quickly. A new car can lose up to 20% of its value in an hour after you sign all the papers and drive off the dealership lot. In three years, it will be worth only half of what you paid for it. Even if you cared for it properly.

But not all rides were created equal. Toyota cars and trucks retain value better than their competitors even after three and more years of use. Most buyers don’t think twice when choosing between a used Toyota or another vehicle in the same class.

Lower price for a used vehicle typically leads to a lower sales tax. Insurance costs can be slightly reduced, too. Because of its high safety rating and reliability, a pre-owned Toyota will get you a better insurance rate than most other brands.

Toyota quality is top-notch across its entire lineup. Whichever model you pick, you are likely to get great value for it.

Reliability is Toyota’s second name

The average total mileage of Toyota cars and trucks before they head to the scrapyard is more than 200,000 miles. It means that by that point, they’ve seen more than fifteen years of use. Even the 4th Generation Toyota Camry is still an extremely common occurrence on American roads. And that car was manufactured before the millennium!

If you buy a used Toyota, it’s going to last you at least a decade. These Japanese cars can take years of abuse and will still work. No wonder that Toyota trucks are the most popular vehicles in countries with bad roads and even in war zones.

As long as you have your used Toyota inspected and regularly maintained, it will serve you well.

A certified pre-owned Toyota is a smart buy

A lot of new car buyers prefer to lease their vehicles. According to the rules of the lease, they have to drive carefully and keep the car in pristine condition or pay considerable fines. It also means that the warranty will still work even after the car is sold as used.

Such cars are marked as CPO, or certified pre-owned cars, by the dealer. CPO means that the car is in almost mint condition. It was well cared for by its owner, properly maintained by certified Toyota mechanics, and has low mileage.

Ask your dealership about the details of the Toyota CPO warranty when choosing a certificated pre-owned Toyota. Certain parts of hybrid Toyota cars, for example, are covered with a 10-years warranty.

Toyota vehicles rank best for safety

Most Toyota buyers choose the brand because of its lauded safety characteristics. Toyota has always made safety a priority. Compared to other car and truck brands, Toyota has earned a sizeable number of IIHS top safety picks over the years.

Toyota was the first car maker to introduce a standardized multi-feature safety system in every model in its lineup. And it was more than twenty years ago! The brand continues to come up with innovations that help protect drivers and passengers alike. Knowing that you are driving a safe car makes you more calm and confident.

Toyota offers a wide variety of vehicles

There are more used makes and models than new cars. You will always have more options shopping for used trucks, SUVs, or compact vehicles, including some iconic models which are no longer in production. Toyota manufactures many different types of vehicles to choose from. Nobody has a larger range of new and used 4WD and AWD rides on the market than Toyota. Off-roading fans pick Toyota trucks and SUVs for their style, reliability, and functionality.

Spare parts are easy to find

Readily available spare parts are one of the biggest reasons to buy a used Toyota. The brand is one of the most popular in the world. You can always order spare parts from your dealer or find mechanics with extensive knowledge of Toyota cars.

Exceptional technology and innovation

From safety systems to onboard computers and multimedia entertainment, Toyota cars can offer it all. In terms of technological advancements, Toyota has been at the cutting edge for decades. Even if you buy a 5-year or a 10-year model, you can be sure that it contains pieces of advanced technology. Toyota has created a whole new automotive segment with the introduction of the first hybrid car, the Prius. It is hard to find any other company that is more devoted to innovation, economy, efficiency, and quality than Toyota.


If you go to a used car dealership, you are very likely to come across a Toyota. Buying a Toyota can be a great choice if you are concerned about the safety, reliability, and value that a used car can offer. These cars are also attractive when it comes to passenger comfort, driving with ease, and fuel economy. In short, used Toyotas are quite a bargain.

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