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3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

by Louise W. Rice

Windows are a crucial part of your home’s structure, but most of us do take them for granted. After all, the windows and window frames were probably there when you bought your home and aside from cleaning them or dressing them with curtains and blinds, you probably don’t think about them very often.

However, windows don’t last forever and at some point, many homeowners will need to think about the possibility that their windows might need replacing. Here are some common signs to look out for that could mean you’re due a window upgrade.

1. Drafts Around the Window

Do you often feel much colder when you are sitting near the window compared to the rest of your home? Does heat escape your home much faster than you would expect it to in the winter, or are you even feeling a breeze when you walk past a window in your home? This can definitely be a sign that your windows need to be replaced since they are probably not sealed as well as they could be.

Leaks in the windows or poor insulation can cause the cold air from outside to make its way indoors. While this can sometimes be repaired by resealing the windows, new windows might be a better investment if the current ones are old or there are a lot of drafts. Consider these eight different types of beautiful windows for your home that will keep the cold air out and look great too.

2. Damage to Window Frames

Over time, it’s not unusual to see some wear or tear to the window frames such as scratches and scuffs. These can usually be easily dealt with by cleaning, sanding, repainting, or varnishing the window frames depending on the materials that they are made from. However, obvious damage to the window frames such as large cracks, rot, sagging, or windows that have been painted shut and no longer open properly should be replaced as soon as possible.

One type of damage to look out for in particular is windows that are soft to the touch, as this can be one of the main tell-tale signs of rot that will only worsen over time.

3. Windows Letting in Noise

While it’s fairly normal to be able to hear some of the goings-on outside, especially if you live in a busy area, there should be a noticeable difference in the volume when you have the windows closed compared to when they are open. If shutting your windows is no longer having the same effect on the noise levels that are coming through into your home, then it might be time to think about having them replaced. Older windows might not be designed to keep as much noise out compared to newer ones or the seals could be weak. Double- or triple-glazed, insulated windows can make a massive difference.

Whether your windows are damaged, letting in cold, or disturbing your peace at home, it might be time to think about investing in new ones.

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