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What Kind of Inventory Should You Have in Your Kitchen?

by Louise W. Rice

Any housewife knows that for comfortable work in the kitchen, a certain list of dishes, cutlery, and other utensils is needed. Even cooking regular scramble involves using a skillet and a wooden spatula. Over time, the kitchen gets all kinds of items that are necessary for everyday life. But there are situations when kitchen utensils need to be purchased in large quantities at once, for example, when moving to a new apartment. In this case, you need to know what items you should buy first.

In the variety of kitchen utensils, you can get confused and purchase too many things that may not be useful in the future. Therefore, before going to the store, you should familiarize yourself with the required minimum of items, without which it is difficult to imagine the kitchen:

1. Pans and Pots

Their number depends on the size of the family and culinary preferences. There should be at least two pans in the kitchen: large and small. If you wish, you can also buy a carbon steel wok on https://yosukata.com/carbon-steel-woks/. There should be at least three pots, but ideally, it is better to immediately purchase a set that includes five to six items. The largest pan is for soup, the other ones are for side dishes, stews, etc.

2. Oven Molds

Among the kitchen utensils, there should be at least two baking trays: one large with low walls, and the other deep. Also, you can not do without a cake pan. Homemade baking lovers should take care of purchasing various silicone or metal containers of different sizes, cookie forms, and rolling pins.

3. Dishes

The number of dishes depends on the size of the family. One deep and one flat small plate should be available for each person. Also, don’t forget about guests. Some people prefer to immediately purchase sets for 9-12 people. In everyday life, items such as a salad bowl, a tray, bowls of various shapes and sizes, and saucers are useful.

4. Cutlery

Each family member should have one tablespoon, fork, and teaspoon. You also need to buy a ladle, spoon for stirring salads, a spatula, a whisk, a can opener, and a corkscrew. It is better to have spoons and forks in stock in case of the arrival of guests.

5. Knives

You need at least three knives: with a wide blade, universal, and for bread. A smart decision would be to immediately buy a set of knives, including all the necessary options for any occasion. There are special knives for peeling vegetables and fruits, as well as a pizza knife with a disc-shaped blade. It is also difficult to imagine comfortable cooking without a grater and a few cutting boards.

In specialized stores, kitchen utensils are available in huge quantities. Most items can make your daily cooking process much easier. For any housewife, it will be a pleasure to see her kitchen cozy and functional, equipped in accordance with modern trends.

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