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5 Tips To Win The Heart Of An Army Guy

by Louise W. Rice

Women love handsome men in uniform. Most women prefer an army guy over any other uniform any day of the week and twice on Sundays. But not every girl desiring to date a military guy succeeds. Most of them never come close to meeting a single soldier. They can’t even dream about seducing them and winning their hearts.

To help those women in trouble, we picked five tips for a successful meeting and seducing army guys. These tips are helpful to women looking for serious relationships with military members. Don’t use them to fool and use hot guys; you’ll forget after one night together.

Profile Description on Should Let Everybody Know You’re Into Soldiers

Repeating how popular online dating is today is pointless. Everybody knows that. Everyone has at least one profile on dating sites. Even people in relationships use them to meet friends or couples for double dates. But the key to meeting army guys is joining their go-to dating site. That specialized niche site connects single women with military members based on their location and interests.

Most members are active, so they don’t wait for the advanced matchmaking algorithm to present their matches. They use manual filters to find them quickly. That’s great for pinpointing members with all desired traits. But don’t forget that army guys actively look for girls on the site. Having a vanilla description won’t get you many messages. But showing you’re looking for a serious relationship with someone from the army will attract men who recognize themselves in your profile.

Cooking Something Delicious and Nutritious Won’t Hurt

Soldiers have to stay fit; it’s part of their job description. It doesn’t mean they can’t eat junk food, but they need to monitor their diet and work out regularly. That’s one of the reasons why women love them so much. After bonding online or in some bar, inviting an army guy for a home-cooked meal is the next step for winning his heart.

But don’t cook anything. Choose something nutritious. That will let him know you care about his health and career. Preparing beef liver will fill his body with nutrients and his heart with warmth towards you because most girls don’t eat or prepare liver. You don’t have to go outside of your comfort zone, or you can ask him about his favorite dish, but prepare something tasty.

Don’t Act Weird Because He’s A Soldier

Sometimes women lose their cool around soldiers. It happens to women who idolize army guys, so they feel like they’re meeting celebrities. Some military guys love that, but those usually aren’t good for long-term relationships. The key to grabbing the attention of army guys (online or offline) is balance.

They want to know you like what they do (and that it arouses you) but don’t want to feel like they’re at a parade every day of the year. Don’t decorate your whole house or start commenting on military-related stuff on social media because you’re dating someone from the army. Act normal; they are still men regardless of their profession.

Listen to His Stories

Some soldiers never talk about their job, but most don’t mind talking about most things related to the army. To people who don’t care about such stuff, military stories are boring. You can’t be one of those people if you want to win any hearts. Show interest in his work. It doesn’t have to be directly related to the army. Ask questions about places he visited or his favorite activities in the base, etc.

Don’t Forget Him While He’s on Duty

Being in the army means being away from home a lot. That kills many relationships between civilians and soldiers. To avoid that, you have to communicate while he’s away. Even though you can’t see each other, your relationship can grow thanks to technology. It lets couples stay in touch regardless of the distance between them. That’s crucial for winning the heart of an army guy.

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